Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz
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Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz (Character)
from "Nurse Jackie" (2009)

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"Nurse Jackie: Daffodil (#1.5)" (2009)
Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: My stalker bought me a coffee. I should have said no, but he got to stare at my ass as I walked away, so it's a win for both of us.

Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: You know, if I had a choice between George Clooney's cock and this cup of coffee, I'd go coffee.

"Nurse Jackie: Ring Finger (#1.10)" (2009)
Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: What's up with O'Hara?
Jackie Peyton: Who knows?
Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: Usually she says hello.
Jackie Peyton: No, she only says hello when she's bored. Or she's wearing something new and she wants someone to notice.
Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: God, you're right. Those Chanel pumps are hot, though.

[lying on church benches]
Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: I want to find your ring. Cause then I'll have done one good thing today. If I can do one good thing a day, I feel good about my life.
Jackie Peyton: That's doable.
Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: Believe me, it's harder than it sounds. Plus I've got a lot of bad shit I'm trying to make up for.
Jackie Peyton: I don't believe you, Mohammed.
Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: That's because you're a good person.

"Nurse Jackie: School Nurse (#1.4)" (2009)
Zoey Barkow: Do you think it's true what they say about twins? That they can read each other's minds? Feel each other's pain?
Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: Definitely. I'm a twin. I was a twin.
Zoey Barkow: [hugging Mohammed] Oh my God. I'm so sorry.
Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: [brushing her off] Chica, never do that. Never think you should feel sorry for me.

Zoey Barkow: Do you remember him?
Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: You know, I do. I remember being with someone, you know? Like I came into the world with someone. I didn't come here alone, so, you know, being alone-alone is hard for me. It doesn't feel bad. It just feels wrong.
Zoey Barkow: Do you ever think about what he would be like?
Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: Every day.

"Nurse Jackie: Pill-O-Matix (#1.11)" (2009)
Zoey Barkow: I put a film critic in a coma. You know when I wake up, the first thing I think is, I hope I don't kill anyone today.
Thor Lundgren: It's good to have goals.
Zoey Barkow: The only thing I want to do besides help people, is *not* kill them.
Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: We all make mistakes.
Thor Lundgren: I shaved a woman's pubic hair before she got her toncils out.

"Nurse Jackie: Pilot (#1.1)" (2009)
Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: What does one offer as a side dish when serving John the Baptist's head on a silver platter?
Jackie Peyton: Hmm... coleslaw. No, mac and cheese. No, potato salad.

"Nurse Jackie: Nose Bleed (#1.9)" (2009)
Gloria Akalitus: You're gay.
Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: Yes?
Gloria Akalitus: I'm not.
Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: I never said you were.
Gloria Akalitus: You have gay friends?
Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: I do.
Gloria Akalitus: Some of whom have children, I assume.
Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: My friends Kevin and Kevin adopted, but that's about it.
Gloria Akalitus: Did they go through an adoption agency?
Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: Lawyer, I think.
Gloria Akalitus: Was it expensive?
Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: I don't know. I can ask.
Gloria Akalitus: I would appreciate that.
[Gloria smiles, and Mo-Mo sits back]
Gloria Akalitus: [waving him off] Okay, we're done here.

"Nurse Jackie: Health Care and Cinema (#1.12)" (2009)
Zoey Barkow: What if he wakes up and the first thing he sees is me wearing kiddy scrubs? He'll think I don't take what happened seriously.
Thor Lundgren: Well, what if he never wakes up?
Zoey Barkow: Hey!
Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: Or what if he wakes up and he's blind? What about the rest of us? We're stuck watching you mope around in grey.
Thor Lundgren: It takes a village.
Zoey Barkow: That's not what that means.
Thor Lundgren: Yes, it is!