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Quotes for
Ox (Character)
from Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

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Not Another Teen Movie (2001)
Mitch: No longer will our penises be flaccid and unused.
Bruce: No longer we steal grandfather's porn.
Ox: No longer we will wear blindfolds while jerking each other off.

Bruce: Mitch, girl go pee-pee not something I want to see-see.
Ox: I agree-gree.

[during song]
Mitch: Getting pussy, no matter what.
Bruce: Even if it with dirty slut.
Ox: True love is what I want the most.
Fat Short Order Cook: I just jerked off in your French toast.

Mitch: God, we're pathetic. How are we ever going to get laid before graduation?
Ox: Mitch, we're freshman.

Richard Vernon: ...Your mother was a...?
Mitch: Ho.
Richard Vernon: He was a famous clown.
Mitch: Bobo.
Ox: Mitch cut it out
[mouthing the word]
Ox: stop

Richard Vernon: [after giving Mitch detention when mouths off to him] You want another one?
Mitch: Yes...
Richard Vernon: You got it.
Mitch: Good!
Richard Vernon: That's another one. You had enough yet?
Mitch: No!
Richard Vernon: That's another one.
Mitch: So?
Richard Vernon: You just say the word and I'll keep going.
Mitch: Go!
Richard Vernon: Eeny meeny miney...?
Mitch: Mo!
Richard Vernon: Your mother was a...?
Mitch: Ho!
Richard Vernon: He was a famous clown...?
Mitch: Bobo!
Ox: Mitch, cut it out!
[Mitch looks at Ox, Ox mouths "stop!"]
Richard Vernon: [to Ox] That's another one for you.
Ox: But I was just...
Richard Vernon: That's another one.
Bruce: So, that make one more for Ox or for Mitch?
Richard Vernon: Another.
Bruce: I confused.
Richard Vernon: Shut your hole, Wang Chung. I got all three of you guys for the rest of your natural born lives. You're mine. Next time I come in here I'm
[Mitch mouths in unison]
Richard Vernon: cracking skulls.