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Quotes for
Binx Davy (Character)
from The Legend of Billie Jean (1985)

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The Legend of Billie Jean (1985)
Binx: Hey, get your hand off that!
Hubie: What, your sister? Or your fagmobile?

Binx: What's this?
Putter: I think it's chicken.
Binx: It doesn't taste like chicken.
Ophelia: When you rich, food ain't supposed to taste like what it really is.

Binx: [about Lloyd's pills] What are those, uppers or downers?
Lloyd: They're for asthma, you want one?

Ophelia: [Billie Jean steps out with her hair cut] Oh my God! Billie Jean, you look...
Binx: Famous!
Lloyd: Saint Joan.

Boy: Did you rob that liquor store in Galveston?
Binx: Yep, that was us.
Billie Jean: We did not.
Guy: What about that school in Laredo? You burn it down?
Binx: No way, guy. We don't do schools.

Binx: Let's go to Vermont.
Ophelia: We don't have enough gas to get out of Corpus.
Binx: Then we'll steal it, we're outlaws, right?
Billie Jean: No stealing, we may be outlaws but we're not thieves.
Putter: I'm a hungry outlaw, where's breakfast?

Billie Jean: I'm Billie Jean Davy, and I wanna set the record straight.
Ringwald: [notices hair cut very short] Oh my God!
Policeman #1: Wow!
Billie Jean: I'm not a liar, I'm not a thief, and neither is my brother.
Binx: [cuts in] Hello, ma!
Billie Jean: [shoves Binx aside] Sorry, that is him. Mom, I don't know when we'll be comin' home, but we love you. I know people are making up stories about us. Don't you believe them. As for you, Mr. Pyatt. You are so sleazy.
Putter: [cheers on camera] YEA!
Billie Jean: You think you can do anything you want and then lie about it and we just have to take it, because what are we? Just a bunch of kids. Well not this time. From now on we're doin' this our way. No lyin', no cheatin', fair is fair.
Kid #1 in Crowd: [at electronics store watching TV] Alright!
Billie Jean: $608 dollars for the scooter your son trashed. That's what you owe, and we're NOT turnin' ourselves in til we get it. Fair is fair! We didn't start this, we didn't mean it to happen, but we're not givin' up til you pay. FAIR IS FAIR!

Billie Jean: [after escaping a guy shooting at them] Putter, oh my God, you're bleeding!
Ophelia: She's been shot!
Putter: No I haven't!
Billie Jean: But there's blood!
Billie Jean: Putter, it's finally happened.
Putter: [grins] It's about time.
Binx: Gross!
Billie Jean: Be quiet, Binx! It's wonderful!

Binx: Did you get vanilla?
Billie Jean: Nope, they ran out of it.
Binx: [sips the milkshake] Strawberry? You bought strawberry?
Billie Jean: God, Binx, don't you ever get tired of vanilla?

Binx: [discussing Vermont] Snow plows, snow balls...
Billie Jean: Why did I get such a weird brother?
Binx: Snow ball fights... and no alligators.

Billie Jean: [reading newspaper article] The victim was taken to Shoreline Hospital where his condition was listed as good. Did you hear that? Good! Not fair!
Ophelia: Not critical!
Binx: Not dead! Yaaaaaaaay! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Binx: I didn't mean to shoot him, you heard what he said, he said it wasn't loaded.
Billie Jean: We have to go to the police.
Ophelia: They'll never believe you.
Binx: It was an accident!
Ophelia: You think he's gonna say that? It's his word against a bunch of crazy kids, he's gonna lie.

Binx: I was scared.
Billie Jean: So was I.
Binx: Why were they shooting at us?

Binx: How can they say that about us?
Billie Jean: They can say whatever they want, we're news now.