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The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire (2000) (V)
Grandpa: Were you splashing round in the bubbling mud again?
Littlefoot: No, we were just sitting talking in the tall trees.
Grandpa: Oh, that's perfect...
Littlefoot: Only - then we had a visitor.
Grandpa: Oh - and who was that?
Littlefoot: Petrie's, uncle Pterano.
Grandma: Oh my goodness! Here - in the Great Valley?
Littlefoot: And he was with some other fliers. I know he's Petrie's uncle but - there's something about him that - ooh, well, I just don't like him. Is that bad?
Grandpa: Littlefoot, you have good instincts and you should pay attention to them.
Grandma: Did Pterano tell you why he left the herd?
Littlefoot: [unsure] Well - he said the other grown-ups - couldn't see very well.
Grandpa: What on earth! We could see just fine - as a matter of fact, we saw right through him!

Grandpa: It just sounds like Pterano is up to his old tricks again.
Littlefoot: Er, what old tricks?
Grandpa: Oh - well let's just say that if we hadn't put a stop to Pterano, we might never had made it to the Great Valley.
Littlefoot: That's awful!
Grandpa: Yes, it was... Someday, when you're older, I'll tell you about it.
Littlefoot: Oh, why do I have to wait until...
Grandma: In the meantime, remember, Pterano considers he knows everything, even when he knows nothing.
Grandpa: So be careful, will you?
Littlefoot: OK, I promise.