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Rev. Aubrey Stewart (Character)
from "Foyle's War" (2002)

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"Foyle's War: Plan of Attack (#5.1)" (2008)
Rev. Aubrey Stewart: So why don't you tell us what you're doing with yourself, now you've been thrown out of the police?
Samantha Stewart: I wasn't thrown out, I resigned. Anyway, I can't tell you anything except I'm making a vital contribution to the war effort.
Rev. Aubrey Stewart: I'll drink to that.
Samantha Stewart: It's not the same, you know, sir. You should have stayed.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Really?
Samantha Stewart: Well, if you're writing a wartime history of the Hastings police, you ought to stay until the last chapter.
DCS Christopher Foyle: No... Belongs to somebody else.
Samantha Stewart: DCS Meredith, you mean. He was the one who fired me.
Rev. Aubrey Stewart: I thought you said you resigned?
Samantha Stewart: Well, I would have... Given the chance.

AC Henry Parkins: [as Foyle is walking toward him] Mr. Foyle.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Uh-oh!
Rev. Aubrey Stewart: What is it?
DCS Christopher Foyle: Trouble!