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Quotes for
Pat Brady (Character)
from "Playhouse 90" (1956)

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The Last Tycoon (1976)
Pat Brady: I was just saying, they'll never get the writers unionized. You know why? Because they hate each other's guts. They'd sell each other out for a nickel.
Monroe Stahr: This man from New York seems pretty set on doing it, the one who's coming out to see me. What's his name?
Fleishacker: Brimmer.
Monroe Stahr: Brimmer.
Pat Brady: Communist, yeah?
Popolos: You mean a *real* communist?
Pat Brady: Yeah, sure, a real one.
Popolos: I mean, some of these guys are just jokers who call themselves communists. And mostly they are fairies, too.

Pat Brady: You know who first told him you were a genius? Guess.
Monroe Stahr: You.
Pat Brady: Right.
Monroe Stahr: Damn good of you, Pat.
Pat Brady: Oh, no. If I admire a man, I say so. I want the whole world to know. Perhaps that's because I'm Irish. The Irish are a very warm-hearted people.
Popolos: The Greeks are warm, too. I mean, try to find me a Greek communist. You couldn't find one.

Pat Brady: [after a film screening] What's Eddie, asleep? Jesus. Goddamn movie even puts the editor to sleep.
Assistant editor: He's not asleep, Mr. Brady.
Pat Brady: What do you mean, he's not asleep?
Assistant editor: He's dead, Mr. Brady.
Pat Brady: Dead? What do you mean, he's dead!
Assistant editor: He must have died during the...
Pat Brady: How can he be dead? We were just watching the rough cut! Jesus, I didn't hear anything. Did you hear anything?
Fleishacker: Not a thing.
Assistant editor: Eddie... he probably didn't want to disturb the screening, Mr. Brady.

Popolos: This is the greatest country in the world. Everybody stands a chance in this country. There's not going to be a revolution. The only people who want a revolution are the Communists.
Pat Brady: And the fairies.
Fleishacker: What kind of a revolution do the fairies want?
Popolos: A Communist one.
Pat Brady: What else?
Fleishacker: Do you think Stalin likes homosexuals?
Popolos: Homosexuals, eh? Let me tell you something. You know "homo" is a Greek word. I come from Europe, I'm Greek.
Pat Brady: That's why he knows so much about Stalin.
Fleishacker: But Stalin ain't Greek.
Popolos: You're damn right he ain't!
Pat Brady: He's a fairy.
Popolos: He's a bastard Communist Russian fairy, that's what he is!

Pat Brady: Fleishacker, let me tell you something. After the revolution, you'll be the only safe one. You know why? Because they always need lawyers after a revolution to straighten out the legal end.