Monroe Stahr
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Monroe Stahr (Character)
from The Last Tycoon (1976)

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The Last Tycoon (1976)
Kathleen: How old are you?
Monroe: I've lost track, about thirty-five I think.

Monroe: I don't think I have more brains than a writer, I just think that his brains belong to me

Monroe Stahr: Your name's well-known here.
Brimmer: And yours is well-known in New York, Mr. Stahr.
Cecilia Brady: [serving Monroe and Brimmer] You have done well by water and you by land.
Monroe Stahr: What?
Cecilia Brady: Anthony and Cleopatra, didn't you recognize it?
Monroe Stahr: Shakespeare? No, l didn't get any Shakespeare at school. How about you, Mr. Brimmer?
Brimmer: Oh, a bit.
Monroe Stahr: Where do you come from?
Brimmer: Tennessee. Baptist.
Monroe Stahr: l'm New York. Jewish.
Brimmer: l know.
Monroe Stahr: Oh, at least we're all Americans.
Brimmer: We sure are, Mr. Stahr.
[Monroe smiles and nods; Brimmer takes a sip from his coffee; Cecilia smiles and looks on the both men]
Brimmer: Well?
Monroe Stahr: Well, l'm glad you came out here. l wanted to talk to you. You've got my writers all upset.
Brimmer: Keeps them from going to sleep, doesn't it?
Monroe Stahr: l want them awake, but l don't want them crazy.
[Brimmer stretches himself comfortably on his chair]
Brimmer: Well, we're simply fucking concerned that they have the proper protection, that's all.
Monroe Stahr: [eyeing Brimmer irritably] Who from, me?
Brimmer: You're a very good employer, Mr. Stahr, but, uh... we still think that the position can be... rationalized.
Monroe Stahr: l'll tell you three things: All writers are children. Fifty percent are drunks. And up till very recently, writers in Hollywood were gag-men; most of them are still gag-men, but we call them writers.
Brimmer: [nods and smiles] Uh-huh. But they're still the farmers in this business. They grow the grain, but they're not in at the feast.
Monroe Stahr: This looks to me like a try for power, Mr. Brimmer, and I will not give them power. I'll give them money, I won't give them power. Anyway, they're not equipped for authority.
[Cecilia continues to look on the two; Brimmer laughes]
Cecilia Brady: More coffee, Mr. Brimmer?
Brimmer: No, thank you.

Cecilia Brady: [about returning to school] Oh, I don't know. I'm pretty well educated.
Cecilia Brady: Maybe I should get married.
Monroe Stahr: [lightly] Well, I'd marry you, I'm lonely, but I'm too old and tired to undertake anything.
Cecilia Brady: [seriously] Undertake me.

Pat Brady: I was just saying, they'll never get the writers unionized. You know why? Because they hate each other's guts. They'd sell each other out for a nickel.
Monroe Stahr: This man from New York seems pretty set on doing it, the one who's coming out to see me. What's his name?
Fleishacker: Brimmer.
Monroe Stahr: Brimmer.
Pat Brady: Communist, yeah?
Popolos: You mean a *real* communist?
Pat Brady: Yeah, sure, a real one.
Popolos: I mean, some of these guys are just jokers who call themselves communists. And mostly they are fairies, too.

Pat Brady: You know who first told him you were a genius? Guess.
Monroe Stahr: You.
Pat Brady: Right.
Monroe Stahr: Damn good of you, Pat.
Pat Brady: Oh, no. If I admire a man, I say so. I want the whole world to know. Perhaps that's because I'm Irish. The Irish are a very warm-hearted people.
Popolos: The Greeks are warm, too. I mean, try to find me a Greek communist. You couldn't find one.

Fleishacker: You know, I'm fairly new out here. Do I understand you to say you expect to gross a half a million *short* of your budget?
Monroe Stahr: It's a quality picture.
Fleishacker: Quality picture? What the hell are we?
Monroe Stahr: We've played safe for two years now. It's time we made a picture that isn't meant to *make* money. Pat Brady is always saying at Academy dinners that we have a certain duty to the public. Okay. It's a good thing for the company to slip in a picture that will lose money. Write it off as good will.

Seal trainer: [about the seal] See? He remembers you.
Monroe Stahr: This seal has the memory of an elephant.
Seal trainer: He likes him because he's such a charming guy.
Kathleen Moore: Does he respond to affection?
Seal trainer: He responds to *fish*. This seal's got taste.