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Goushi (Character)
from "Super Sentai Zyuranger" (1992)

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"Pirate Squadron Gokaiger: Kessen no Hi (#1.50)" (2012)
Goushi: In the past, we were only able to send the Zangyack away from Earth.
Gai Ikari: But we really wanted to do was create a peaceful universe, where nobody was oppressed by the Zangyack's rule.
Goushi: Gokai Silver, the time has come for you to carry out our wishes! The only ones capable are doing it are your crew, now that you've seized your dream.
Gai Ikari: But... you'll all vanish. How could we do something like that?
Goushi: If you can get rid of the Zangyack, it doesn't matter what happens to us. We were ready to give our lives to that end during the Legendary War.