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Ville Alfa (Character)
from Huhtikuu on kuukausista julmin (1983)

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The Worthless (1982)
Ville Alfa: [Ville wakes up when Manne has pushed him] Don't push me! Aren't you afraid that my shoulder might come loose.

Manne: How's business.
Manne: Lousy. Every time I manage to sell something some pig sells me more. I never make any money.
Manne: Buy cheaper and sell dearer.
Ville Alfa: Good idea! Very good idea! Would you do so?
Manne: Not me, but other dealers.

Ville Alfa: You've got something wrong with your head?
Manne: Who wouldn't have?

Manne: [checking a painting] I knew it
Ville Alfa: Is it a fake?
Manne: No. How did you get his?
Ville Alfa: I bought it from a hysterical woman who needed a ticket far away. I gave here all I had, over 2000 marks. She said she got it from her mother. That's what they always say.

Huhtikuu on kuukausista julmin (1983)
Ville Alfa: What is the secret of success?
Olli: Booze and short sentences.