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Sergeant Deux-Deux (Character)
from The Great De Gaulle Stone Operation (1965)

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The Pique Poquette of Paris (1966)
Inspector: I just want to borrow a thousand francs. What's the matter? Don't you trust me?
Sergeant Deux-Deux: Si, I do trust you, but I have to tell you about these pesos.
Inspector: Not pesos! Francs!
Sergeant Deux-Deux: You're welcome.

Sergeant Deux-Deux: [Jumps out and faces Spider Pierre directly] Okay, Senor Spider, you better give it up, or I'm going to let you have it!
Spider Pierre: [Breaking the fourth wall, pointing at Deux-Deux] HE is going to let ME have it?
[Starts laughing hysterically, then get blasted in the face by DDT and is subdued]

Sergeant Deux-Deux: [as he watches the Inspector bounce up and down on plungers he used to try to climb a wall because he keeps getting hit with a broom by a woman who accused him of being a peeping Tom] Well, that's cop biz for you. It has its ups... and downs.