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Quotes for
C.C. Ryder (Character)
from C.C. & Company (1970)

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C.C. & Company (1970)
C.C. Ryder: So what's the problem?
Moon: You seem to be man, we got the club here see, and here you are way over there.

[first lines]
C.C. Ryder: Excuse me.
Store manager: Yes, sir?
C.C. Ryder: Where are the cupcakes?
Store manager: 11B, sir, right over there.
C.C. Ryder: Thank you.
Store manager: Not at all.

Ann McCalley: How do you get along without working?
C.C. Ryder: Just fine.
Ann McCalley: [laughs] You steal from the rich to give to the poor?
C.C. Ryder: No, I steal from the rich 'cause the poor have no money.

[last lines]
Ann McCalley: Where we going?
C.C. Ryder: I've got to get Charlie back his money, then drop you off.
Ann McCalley: And then what?
C.C. Ryder: Then I gotta split for awhile.
Ann McCalley: Where?
C.C. Ryder: [Shrugs]
Ann McCalley: Remember we talked about looking for something?
C.C. Ryder: Yeah.
Ann McCalley: Well, I'd, I'd like to look with you. For awhile, anyway.