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Quotes for
Lucy (Character)
from D.E.B.S. (2003)

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D.E.B.S. (2003)
Lucy in the Sky: Are you saying you don't want to introduce me to your friends?

Lucy in the Sky: Why don't you want me to meet your friends?
Amy: I do want you to meet them. It's just...
Lucy in the Sky: It's just what?
Amy: It's just that they wouldn't understand.
Lucy in the Sky: Are you ashamed of me?
Amy: No, I'm not ashamed of you.
Lucy in the Sky: You just don't want your friends to know about me.
Amy: God, do we have to do this now?
Lucy in the Sky: It's just... I come to town, I capture you, we fuck, they rescue you, and then you're gone. I don't hear from you. It's not easy for me either, you know. I have to figure out all these nefarious plans just so I can get close to you just so we can...
Amy: I love you.
Lucy in the Sky: Really? Cause I didn't know that.
Amy: Now you do.
Lucy in the Sky: Tell me again how much time do we have.

Lucy in the Sky: [they are just starting to make out] How much time do we have?
Amy: Three minutes and forty-two seconds.