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Isamu Ozu (Character)
from "Mahou sentai Magirenjâ" (2005)

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Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle (2011)
Akarenger: Let's go, everyone! We will combine all of Super Sentai's powers to save the Earth!
Wolzard Fire: We will give our powers as well. To protect the future of all families on this planet.

Black Knight: Goseigers! We'll hold them off!
Wolzard Fire: Hurry and join the other Super Sentai!
Signalman: Signalman has arrived! I will fight for justice too!
Deka Master: Akarenger, Big One! Please leave this to us!
Big One: Okay! We're counting on you.
Akarenger: Alright. Go!
Deka Master: We're counting on you, Super Sentai.

Mahou sentai Magirenjâ vs Dekaranger (2006)
Wolzard: You're pretty good.
Deka Master: You as well.
Wolzard: But the operation has already begun.