Brian Hastings
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Brian Hastings (Character)
from "24" (2001)

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"24: Day 8: 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. (#8.2)" (2010)
Chloe O'Brian: Does anyone think this happened a little too fast and a little too easily?
Dana Walsh: You know, Chloe, things do happen a little faster in here than what you're used to.
Chloe O'Brian: I know. You keep reminding me. I might not be up to speed on all your software, but I know if someone doesn't want to be found, they don't leave behind code fragments that could lead to an I.P. address.
Dana Walsh: Unless, of course, they were in a hurry and they had to improvise.
Chloe O'Brian: Maybe, but then why would you go through all that trouble and leave a huge red flag for everyone to find?
Brian Hastings: What is your point?
Chloe O'Brian: It's like someone wanted us to find her. I just think we should continue to vet this until we're sure that we have the right person.
Brian Hastings: We are vetting this, from every angle. I appreciate your concerns. We'll keep them in mind.
Chloe O'Brian: In other words, "Shut up, Chloe".
Dana Walsh: That's not what he said.
Chloe O'Brian: Well, that's what I heard.

Jack Bauer: All I'm saying is that it is possible that someone broke into the apartment and used her computer to steal the documents. All you need to do is send a couple of agents to check it out.
Brian Hastings: I'm sorry, I just don't see it. And I can't waste valuable resources because Chloe O'Brian has a theory.
Jack Bauer: Chloe and I have worked together for a long time. And trust me, she's someone you might want to listen to. She's very good at what she does. And if she's right, the assassin's got you looking in the wrong place, and you will get bit.

Brian Hastings: You want to waste time chasing ghosts, be my guest.