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Judge Walter Stone (Character)
from "L.A. Law" (1986)

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"L.A. Law: Happy Trails (#5.2)" (1990)
Michael Kuzak: Well, I moved we skip the trial and proceed immediately to sentencing.
Judge Walter Stone: Don't get smart with me.
Michael Kuzak: That juror was not only predisposed to see a race thing here, he took a potshot at me.
Judge Walter Stone: Maybe you provoked him.
[Michael sighed, looked at Jonathan. Jonathan shrugged]
Michael Kuzak: Your Honor, I move that you recuse yourself from this case.
D.A. Marcia Fusco: Opposed.
Judge Walter Stone: On what grounds?
Michael Kuzak: On the grounds that you like Rogoff are too politically scared to do the job here.
Judge Walter Stone: If I was scared, I would find a way to get off this case. I would dodge this thing like an oncoming train, which is exactly what it is. But this judge doesn't delay justice simply because the victims are black. And this judge doesn't all out favors and continuances the defendants simply because they happen to be police officers.
Michael Kuzak: And this judge because the boundaries of his district were changed suddenly can't be reelected unless he captures at least 50% of the black vote.
Judge Walter Stone: Your motion is denied.
Michael Kuzak: I want this on the record.
Judge Walter Stone: It's on the record. Now let's get back in there. This trial's going forward.

[Back at the courthouse in the city of Los Angeles. Here at Judge Stone's chambers, Judge Stone reads the letter]
Judge Walter Stone: This is a last-minute stunt.
Michael Kuzak: It's no stunt, Your Honor, my client seeks to discharge me as counsel. That's his prerogative.
Judge Walter Stone: What's wrong?
Michael Kuzak: As long as I am still his lawyer, I would like all dialog to go through with me, please.
Judge Walter Stone: Denied. You wanna new lawyer? You're so glad to tell me why.
Brian Chisolm: We had differences of opinion, which I feel compromise Mr. Kuzak's ability to provide effective representation.
Judge Walter Stone: Such as?
Michael Kuzak: Work product. Don't answer.
Judge Walter Stone: Fine. Mr. Rollins will be your lawyer. We start tomorrow.
Michael Kuzak: Your Honor, the conflicts are germane to the entire firm. Mr. Rollins included.
Judge Walter Stone: Either you tell me what these conflicts are or your motion is denied.
Michael Kuzak: Defense strategy, personality differences, he's not satisfied with my competency.
Judge Walter Stone: Uh-huh. Well, you're competent all right. So competent in fact that I have no doubt that you instructed him to discharge you in order to buy more time. Hoping that by the time this thing rolled around again the trial. I'll be wrapped up in something else and you have to get a different judge. Well, that's not going to happen. You're very adequate, counsel, no grounds for a switch. This trial starts tomorrow. That's all.
Michael Kuzak: Your Honor!
Judge Walter Stone: I said that's all.
[Mr. Kuzak, Mr. Rollins, D.A. Marcia Fusco and Brian Chisolm leaves the chambers of the Honorable Judge Walter Stone]

[to begin to questioning the members of the jury during a pretrial]
Michael Kuzak: And how long have you been lived in Inglewood, Mr. Lewis?
Mr. Lewis: About 42 years.
Michael Kuzak: Have you any problem with the police?
Mr. Lewis: None that I can recall.
Michael Kuzak: And do you believe that white policeman applied one set of rules to white people and, uh, different set to blacks.
Mr. Lewis: Not in my experience.
Michael Kuzak: Thank you. Defense accept this man.
D.A. Marcia Fusco: Have you ever been the victim of a crime, Mr. Lewis?
Mr. Lewis: My house was robbed once.
D.A. Marcia Fusco: Police catch you did it?
Mr. Lewis: Yes.
D.A. Marcia Fusco: You recall his race?
Mr. Lewis: He was a black kid.
D.A. Marcia Fusco: The prosecution ask that Mr. Lewis be excused for cause.
Michael Kuzak: Objection. There's no showing for cause.
D.A. Marcia Fusco: I believe that Mr. Lewis' condition to believe that blacks are more likely guilty when charge of a crime.
Michael Kuzak: Where'd you get that?
Judge Walter Stone: The jurors discharge for cause.
[Judge Stone puts his glasses back on. Ms. Fusco takes a seat and moving along to question the next juror]

[the next juror]
D.A. Marcia Fusco: Will the fact that he's a police officer make you more inclined to believed he's innocent?
Arthur Pryor: No. All kinds of people commit crimes. Policeman, too.
D.A. Marcia Fusco: Thank you, Mr. Pryor. The people accept this juror.
Michael Kuzak: Have you ever been arrested, Mr. Pryor?
Arthur Pryor: I resent that.
Michael Kuzak: I take it, you've never been arrested then?
Arthur Pryor: That's right.
Michael Kuzak: Thank you.
Arthur Pryor: You ask white jurors that question?
Michael Kuzak: Your Honor, the defense ask that Mr. Pryor be excused for cause.
D.A. Marcia Fusco: No showing up cause, Your Honor.
Judge Walter Stone: I see no reason this jurors should be excused.
Michael Kuzak: The defense exercises it's last peremptory challenge, it has to be heard in chambers, Your Honor.
Judge Walter Stone: Let's go.

D.A. Marcia Fusco: Officer Chisholm claims that he was fired upon first, by two unknown drug dealers. There's no evidence to suggest that these two drug dealers even exist, no stray bullets were ever found, and though Mr. Chisholm never took a lie detector test.
Michael Kuzak: Objection.
Judge Walter Stone: Ms. Fusco, you know better than that. Members of the Jury, whether or not the accused took a polygraph test is have no relevance, and you have to give that no consideration.
Michael Kuzak: Move for a mistrial.
Judge Walter Stone: Approach.
[Mr. Kuzak and Ms. Fusco approached the sidebar of Judge Walter Stone. Brian has a whispering talk with Jonathan]
Judge Walter Stone: You're not getting a mistrial.
Michael Kuzak: For God's sake, Your Honor.
Judge Walter Stone: She didn't say he failed it.
Michael Kuzak: She implied that he refused to take it.
Judge Walter Stone: She did no such thing. She just said he didn't take it. I see no prejudice.
Michael Kuzak: But this is outrageous!
Judge Walter Stone: Keep your voice down.
Michael Kuzak: You let Holloway grandstand, you let him bias jurors are now with an obvious prejudicial statement by the District Attorney's...
Judge Walter Stone: Your motion is denied. It's all on the record. Take it up on appeal, but I'm not stopping this trial. Now step back, both of you.
Michael Kuzak: This is a back job.
Judge Walter Stone: Step back.

D.A. Marcia Fusco: Members of the Jury, I apologized for the disruption. I'm not gonna take up anymore of your time. I think that justice will best be served if we get right to the evidence. Evidence that will clearly demonstrate that the defendant Office Brian Chisholm gunned down a black teenager in cold blood. Evidence that will demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt, that Brian Chisholm is a murderer.
[Crowds murmuring]
D.A. Marcia Fusco: Thank you.
[Ms. Fusco returns to her seat]
Judge Walter Stone: Mr. Kuzak.
[Someone's coughing]
Judge Walter Stone: Mr. Kuzak?
Michael Kuzak: I'm sorry.
[Mr. Kuzak clears his throat, and gets up while addressing an opening statement]
Michael Kuzak: Serving justice, that what she said we were here for, right? The only problem with that is it's premised on the assumption that we have... impartial jurors and - and a fair judge, now I have my doubts about you jurors, I'll be honest with you. But have no doubts at all about that big chicken bastard sitting up there wearing a robe!
Judge Walter Stone: Mr. Kuzak, you are in contempt!
Michael Kuzak: There's nothing about justice! All he only cares about is getting reelected, all he only cares about is staying on Holloway's good side...
Judge Walter Stone: Hustle now!
Michael Kuzak: ...gained in the press!
[Kuzak was caught by the bailiff]
Michael Kuzak: You gotta call a mistrial now!
Judge Walter Stone: Take him away!
Michael Kuzak: There's no choice now! Hey, I haven't finish my opening statement!
[Mr. Kuzak is dragged by the bailiff and is taken away in contempt of court]

Judge Walter Stone: Members of the Jury, you are not consider counsel's breakdown or in any way hold it against the defendant. Mr. Kuzak was simply attempting to get this trial called off, for reasons which have nothing to do with the issue before you. Mr. Rollins, please take over.
Jonathan Rollins: Excuse me?
D.A. Marcia Fusco: Your Honor, under the circumstances, I...
Judge Walter Stone: I will not reward Mr. Kuzak's outburst by letting him attain his objective. This trial will go forward. Mr. Rollins, please take over where Mr. Kuzak left off.
Jonathan Rollins: You can't be...
Judge Walter Stone: I said take up where he left off!
Jonathan Rollins: Okay. Um...
[And turned to Brian Chisholm sitting quietly]
Jonathan Rollins: Um, I believe he left off calling you a big chicken bastard worried about reelection.
Judge Walter Stone: You're in contempt, too. Bailiff! Take Mr. Rollins into custody.
Jonathan Rollins: You forgot to call you stupid, and I forgot to ask who you bribed to get that robe.
Judge Walter Stone: Get him out!
Jonathan Rollins: [Caught by the bailiff. Protesting] Objection! We... Get your hands off me! I want my objection on the record! This is hot and prejudicial, Judge!
[Mr. Rollins out of the courtroom]
Judge Walter Stone: Members of the Jury, I'm sorry, I have no other choice, but to suspend this proceedings and to declare a mistrial.
Derron Holloway: You're giving them what they want!
Judge Walter Stone: Shut up, Mr. Holloway!
[Crowds speaking]
Judge Walter Stone: I have no choice. The jury is dismissed. We're done.
[Mr. Holloway sitting down. Crowds murmuring and complaining]