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Lizzy (Character)
from Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010) (V)

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Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010) (V)
Lizzy: [as she's flying to London] Hello Mrs. Perkins. Goodbye Mrs. Perkins.
Mrs. Perkins: Goodbye, dear. Fly back soon.
[Slight pause. Mrs. Perkins gasps, then faints]

Dr. Griffiths: [as Lizzy is hovering] I - I don't understand.
Lizzy: You don't have to understand. You just have to believe.

Dr. Griffiths: [Lizzy has unintentionally trashed her room after her first flying attempt] Look at this room! It looks like a cyclone hit it!
Lizzy: It's not that bad.
Dr. Griffiths: Not that bad? Your books are all over the floor, your toys are everywhere, and you've torn your curtains!
[looks up]
Dr. Griffiths: What? HOW did you get FOOTPRINTS on the CEILING?
Dr. Griffiths: This is simply too much. A temper tantrum of this magnitude is unacceptable.
Lizzy: But I wasn't having a tantrum!
Dr. Griffiths: Then how did this happen? And the TRUTH this time.
Lizzy: [nervously] If I tell you the truth...
Lizzy: you still wouldn't believe me!
Dr. Griffiths: [sternly] Elizabeth, the truth.
Lizzy: ...I was flying! My fairy showed me how.
Dr. Griffiths: Oh, for goodness sakes! Your make-believe fairy did this. You've got to stop this nonsense!
Lizzy: But it's not nonsense, Father! It's the truth!
Dr. Griffiths: You have a real fairy, living in your room.
Lizzy: Yes! And I can prove it.
[picks up the fairy field journal she and Tinker Bell made and holds it out for her father]
Lizzy: Just look at the research we did.
Dr. Griffiths: [takes the field journal and flips through a few pages] Oh, Elizabeth, *this* is what you've been doing?
[closes the journal]
Dr. Griffiths: Field journals are to be filled with FACT, not fairy tales!
Lizzy: [desperately] But Father, these ARE facts!
Dr. Griffiths: I just don't understand this foolishness, Lizzy. You have such talent. Why would you waste it this way?
Lizzy: [visibly hurt and shocked by her father's words] Why can't you just...
Lizzy: *believe* me?
Dr. Griffiths: I believe in what is real. And it's about time *you* started doing the same.
[goes to her wall of fairy art and starts tearing it down]
Lizzy: [fighting back tears] Father, wait!
Dr. Griffiths: I know this is difficult for you to understand. But... this... is all make-believe!
[throws some of Lizzy's pictures into the trash]
Lizzy: No! They're real!
Dr. Griffiths: Elizabeth! This discussion is over!
[throws away the fairy field journal]

Lizzy: I had no idea fairies were responsible for changing the seasons. I thought it had something to do with the earth's axis as it rotated around the sun.
Tinker Bell: That's what we wanted you to think.