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Biography for
Archer (Character)
from "Robin Hood" (2006)

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WEAPON: Master of all weapons specialising in archery with a preference for the long bow.

ARCHETYPE: Opportunistic Adventurer, Buccaneer, Soldier of Fortune, Mercurial.

LOVES: Adventure, excitement and being a hero!

HATES: Being trapped, authority, being told what to do, his past offenses and the fear he will return to his old ways.

WORDS: Unpredictable, mischievous, charming, charismatic, tough.

Archer was born in secret, the product of an illicit affair between Robin Hood mother Ghislaine of Gisborne and Sir Guy of Gisbourne father, Sir Malcolm, Earl of Huntingdon.(therefore he is the half brother of Robin Hood, Sir Guy of Gisbourne and Isabella). He was given away and brought up in poverty. As soon as he was old enough to get himself onboard ships he travelled far and wide living a dangerous, exhilarating but lonely life.

At 26, he is now a man who can sort anyone out with any weapon if the price is right. He has always kept his ear to the ground for whispers of new technologies, exotic arms and dangerous developments. Before meeting Robin and the Outlaws, Archer had no allegiance to England or any other country. He was only interested in self-preservation and made his living on the margins.

Archer has always been an excellent fighter but never before has he had a meaningful reason to fight. He has a reckless streak, a bit of a thrill seeker, always on the look out for highs to alleviate the lows. He is strong but empty. He is mischievous, charming and pragmatic with a very casual propensity to do the right thing. He has seen up close the very worst humanity has to offer so when he sees simple, innocent goodness it stirs something almost unknown within him. The mistreatment of the vulnerable riles him but in the past he would weigh up the odds of success before wading in. Only now is Archer starting to realise that its better to try and fail than to not to fight at all.

Archer has never had any family to speak of, no surname, no real identity. Fighting with Robin, Gisborne and the Outlaws is the closest Archer has ever felt to belonging to anything. Finally his life has a purpose but in a cruel twist of fate he loses his brothers just as he was starting to care.

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