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Virginia Otis (Character)
from Spöket på Canterville (1962) (TV)

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The Canterville Ghost (1997) (TV)
Virginia Otis: Tread lightly she is near/under the snow/speak gently she can hear/the daisies grow/All her bright golden hair/tarnished with rust/she that was young and fair/fall into dust/lily light as snow/she hardly knew/she was a woman/so sweetly she grew

Virginia Otis: Go away. It's a trap.
Simon de Canterville: A rat? Where?

Virginia Otis: He's going to regulate you!
Simon de Canterville: I'm as regular as clockwork.

Virginia Otis: Mother says I am to forget you.
Lord Cheshire: I wouldn't want you to disobey your mother.
Virginia Otis: Yes.
Lord Cheshire: Well, if you must forget me, may I at least have something to remember you by?

Virginia Otis: You are so selfish! You never think of anyone else's feelings!
Simon de Canterville: What about you? Were you thinking of mama and papa when you decided to elope?
Virginia Otis: I am in love!
Simon de Canterville: So am I!

Simon de Canterville: You're crying, I'm so sorry.
Virginia Otis: For us.

Lord Cheshire: Will you tell me what happened that night?
Virginia Otis: That is one secret I must take to the grave. But I can tell you that I owe him a great deal.
Lord Cheshire: Surely, he owes you more.
Virginia Otis: No, I mean it Henry. He taught me the difference between life and death.
Lord Cheshire: You are life itself to me.
Virginia Otis: And that love... love is greater than both.

Virginia Otis: I didn't know how much I cared for Henry until I got mad at him.

Virginia Otis: When darkness blossoms into light and love keeps vi...
Tom Carter: ...vigil in the night, when maid walks in the house of doom and true tears defy the tomb, then shall all the chase be still and peace come to Canterville.

The Canterville Ghost (1985) (TV)
Virginia Otis: If you're a ghost, how can you bump into things?
Sir Simon de Canterville: Oh, I do it sometimes for effect. Can't keep it up for long. I begin to fade. Oh. Confound those pestering brothers of yours! In 500 years of dignified haunting, I have never been subject to such impudence!
Virginia Otis: Dignified haunting? You've hardly been a gentleman. You've frightened my mother, my father hasn't had a night of rest and now my brothers are all in trouble because of you.
Sir Simon de Canterville: Oh, what is the use? I'm losing my touch. I can't even pull off a good scare anymore. The people of your century are so cruel and unfeeling. I thought you were different.
Virginia Otis: Oh, but I am. So different that nobody even wants me for a friend.
Sir Simon de Canterville: But why do you want to be like the rest? When I was alive, I was different, and proud of it.

The Canterville Ghost (1996) (TV)
Virginia 'Ginny' Otis: When a gentle girl can win a prayer from out the lips of sin/when a child gives up tears and the barren almond bears/when the silent chapel bell sounds the ghostly sinners knell/then shall all the house be still, and peace shall come to Canterville.