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Quotes for
Mr. Mallory (Character)
from It Lives Again (1978)

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It Lives Again (1978)
Frank Davis: Why are you trying so hard to do your job?
Mr. Mallory: I have a high regard for the human race, I want to see that it sticks around a little while longer.

Mr. Mallory: [to Eugene;as the baby attacks him] if you're human you'll kill it.

Mr. Mallory: I had a feeling that you couldn't be trusted.
Frank Davis: I'd like you to take a look at this chart
[reveals revolver]
Frank Davis: persuasive isn't it. You could call it a case of temporary insanity, tell them to bring the husband up here to see his wife, come on.
Mr. Mallory: bring the father down on the double.
Frank Davis: Very good.