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Mr. Barrow (Character)
from "Princess Sarah" (2007)

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The Little Princess (1939)
Mr. Barrows: Captain Crewe is dead. He was so reported in the list this morning. Moreover, he died bankrupt. His property and his mines were confiscated by the enemy.
Amanda Minchin of Minchin Seminary for Girls: You mean to tell me that the child is penniless, and she's left on my hands with nothing?
Mr. Barrows: She's certainly left penniless, and she's certainly left on your hands. She hasn't a relative in the world that we know of.
Amanda Minchin of Minchin Seminary for Girls: I'll throw her out on the streets.
Mr. Barrows: Do you think that wise, Miss Minchin? The reputation of your school, you know. That may not sound well to the parents of some of your other pupils. The child could be made to serve as your employee until her indebtedness is paid off.