Mossad Officer Michael Rivkin
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Mossad Officer Michael Rivkin (Character)
from "NCIS" (2003)

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"NCIS: Legend (#6.23)" (2009)
Special Agent Lara Macy: As I'm sure you're aware foreign intelligence agencies are not authorized to act within US territorial borders. I would *hate* for your actions to cause an incident... by staying here any longer, Rivkin.
Mossad Officer Michael Rivkin: We each have our job to do.
Special Agent Lara Macy: Yours is done. Go home!

Mossad Officer Michael Rivkin: We fight the same fight. Only ours began at Auswitz.I have 6 million uniforms. Every one is different.
Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs: I got one.
[Rivki goes to his car]
Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs: Ziva David. She works for me.
Mossad Officer Michael Rivkin: Shalom.

"NCIS: Legend (#6.22)" (2009)
Mossad Officer Michael Rivkin: Your father sends his love.
Officer Ziva David: What else does my father send?
Mossad Officer Michael Rivkin: [Puts his hand on Ziva's hand] Me.