Peter Barnes
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Peter Barnes (Character)
from "Ellen" (1994)

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"Ellen: Like a Virgin (#5.9)" (1997)
Peter: Ellen, you're getting way to hung up on the physical part of it. Laurie is not going to scorn you like at the Olympics.
Ellen: Thank God. I hate to wait another four years to try it again.
Peter: Let me tell you about the first night I spent with Barrett.
Ellen: No thank you!
Peter: We didn't do anything. He had to work late at the studio the night before. He showed up at my place exhausted. We were sitting on the couch talking over a glass of wine, and he just fell asleep. So, I lay there in his arms, resting my head against his chest, all night, listening to his heart beating. It was the most comforting sound I ever heard. After years of feeling that nobody understood me, I didn't belong... I felt like I was finally home.
Ellen: Wow... I wanna sleep with Barrett.

"Ellen: The Puppy Episode (#4.22)" (1997)
Ellen Morgan: Do you think this is a bad idea? Telling people that I'm gay?
Peter Barnes: Believe me, Ellen. Telling people is always hard. I remember when I came out to my parents. It was one summer when I was younger. I sat them down on our couch and said to them: "Mom, Dad, I've struggled with this for a long time. But this is who I am. Now, I can only hope you can be happy for me." For the rest of the summer, they remained silent. But the following autumn when I entered kindergarten, they were 100% behind me.