Sue Ann Nivens
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Sue Ann Nivens (Character)
from "Mary Tyler Moore" (1970)

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"Mary Tyler Moore: What Do You Want to Do When You Produce? (#6.15)" (1975)
[Sue Ann is trying to convince Mary to become her new producer]
Sue Ann Nivens: I'm willing to go another 50 bucks a week, even though it does mean digging into my own bra.
Murray Slaughter: Talk about an inflated economy!

[Murray is interested in Sue Ann's job opening]
Sue Ann Nivens: Are you saying you'd be interested in the job I was just offering Mary?
Murray Slaughter: Well, I'm saying that if you can't get anybody, I wish you'd keep me in mind. Why don't you, uh, kick it around overnight?
Sue Ann Nivens: I have other things I kick around overnight...

Sue Ann Nivens: And so, until tomorrow, this is your Happy Homemaker reminding you that a woman who does a good job in the kitchen is sure to reap her rewards in other parts of the house.

[Sue Ann asks Mary for her opinion on the dress Sue Ann plans to wear out to dinner]
Sue Ann Nivens: I've got another date with my new producer. Now, he's a wonderful man, but he's not terribly aggressive. We had three dates before he even so much as held my hand. And then he only did that to keep me from unbuttoning his shirt...

"Mary Tyler Moore: Mary's Delinquent (#6.8)" (1975)
Sue Ann Nivens: I have a Little Sister too - and mine's black.

Murray Slaughter: So: how did things work out at the Big Sisters?
Mary Richards: Terrific! They put you through a kind of screening process, and, uh, I guess I passed, 'cos I've got a little sister!
Murray Slaughter: Ah - what's she like?
Mary Richards: Well we were just sort of introduced, so, we didn't get a chance to talk, but, she's 15, bright, cute as a button, and out on probation for shoplifting.
Sue Ann Nivens: What was the name of this group, Mary?
Mary Richards: The Big Sisters.
Sue Ann Nivens: The big sisters that would be the perfect thing for me to clinch the award and I'd be wonderful at it, because, I had an ideal relationship with my own sister. And it wasn't easy; naturally, she resented being the ugly one.
Mary Richards: I had to mention the Big Sisters, didn't I? Now, because of me, some poor underprivileged kid is going to be forced to learn how to cook a quiche

Sue Ann Nivens: [Mary & Sue Ann are setting up for their Little Sisters, Francine & Celestine to join them at Mary's for dinner] Oh, Celestine & I are having such fun together! Last night, we went to a double feature: Shaft and Super Fly. It was wonderful watching them stick it to the honkies!

"Mary Tyler Moore: A Reliable Source (#6.22)" (1976)
[Mary is upset that Lou is going to expose the congressman]
Mary Richards: Murray, I have never fought him on a story before, but I am going to fight him on this one. And what's more, I'm going to whip him!
Murray Slaughter: [as Sue Ann walks into the newsroom] You're going to whip Lou Grant?
Sue Ann Nivens: Ooh! Need any help?

Sue Ann Nivens: Lou, you were so cute when you called me last night!
Lou Grant: Oh... I called you by accident. I didn't know it was your number written on the wall.
Sue Ann Nivens: And they say it doesn't pay to advertise?

"Mary Tyler Moore: The Lars Affair (#4.1)" (1973)
Sue Ann Nivens: Now, if you want to tidy up in a hurry, think of your living room as a big clock. Start at midnight, and then go around the room working clockwise toward the kitchen. You'll be done in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

"Mary Tyler Moore: Lou and That Woman (#5.4)" (1974)
Mary Richards: Did you crash the men's room?
Sue Ann Nivens: Of course not. I went as somebody's guest.

"Mary Tyler Moore: Chuckles Bites the Dust (#6.7)" (1975)
Georgette Franklin: Why do people always send flowers when someone passes on?
Sue Ann Nivens: What would you suggest, dear - fruit?

"Mary Tyler Moore: The Dinner Party (#4.10)" (1973)
Sue Ann Nivens: Mary, dear - do you have any idea what happens when you let Veal Prince Orloff sit in an oven too long?
Mary Richards: No, what?
Sue Ann Nivens: He dies.

"Mary Tyler Moore: Sue Ann Falls in Love (#6.23)" (1976)
Sue Ann Nivens: [Commenting on Ted's and Georgette's matching tuxedos] Ted, you two look adorable!
Ted Baxter: You hear that, Georgette?
Georgette Baxter: I don't care what anybody says. I think we look like the top of a gay wedding cake.

"Mary Tyler Moore: One Producer Too Many (#7.6)" (1976)
Sue Ann Nivens: [pitching an idea for the show to Mary] Mary, I was lying in bed last night, and I couldn't sleep, and I got the most wonderful idea. So I went right home and wrote it down.

"Mary Tyler Moore: A New Sue Ann (#5.7)" (1974)
Gloria Munson: What do you think I should do for my first exercise?
Sue Ann Nivens: What about a headstand.
Gloria Munson: You mean, you just want me to stand on my head.
Sue Ann Nivens: No, I want to stand on your head.

"Mary Tyler Moore: Ted's Wedding (#6.9)" (1975)
[Mary is reading the inscription Sue Ann has written in the copy she has given Mary of her new floral arranging book]
Mary Richards: Ah. "To a shrinking violet who rosed to be a budding producer". Oh, Sue Ann, that's too cute for words.
Sue Ann Nivens: I know. I tried to use a floral motif for each inscription.
[Murray starts to read what Sue Ann wrote in his copy]
Murray Slaughter: "To a fine writer whose work I always admired". Why thanks, Sue Ann. But what's that got to do with flowers?
Sue Ann Nivens: If you spread it on the ground, it helps them grow.