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Dick Dewey (Character)
from The Greenwood Tree (1929)

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Under the Greenwood Tree (2005) (TV)
Fancy Day: You get over a broken heart very quickly, Mr. Dewy, if that's indeed what it was.
Dick Dewy: Not true, Miss Day. Tis broken and will remain so till the day you fix it.
Fancy Day: You'll be waiting until you turn to stone, then.
[stares intently, then kisses him]
Dick Dewy: I knew you felt the same, Fancy, I knew it. I tasted it on your lips the first time I kissed you.
Fancy Day: Take me home, please.
Dick Dewy: Say you'll be mine, Fancy.
Fancy Day: You know I cannot.

Robert Penny: [talking about Fancy's shoe] You will find her delicate but robust, neighbors. Part country girl she once was, part educated lady she is now.
Dick Dewy: You do talk some nonsense, Robert Penny.

Fancy Day: So you'll still speak to me after the choir is gone?
Dick Dewy: I shall certainly consider it.

Dick Dewy: For a while I was blinded by your beauty but I now see you for what you are.
Fancy Day: And what, pray, is that?
Dick Dewy: I would marry the lowliest maid in the county if I loved her. Nor money, nor learnin', nor opinion of others would force me from loving her.
Fancy Day: Dick, I...
Dick Dewy: Goodbye, Miss Day. I hope you find what you're looking for.

Fancy Day: Wash your hands, Dick.
Dick Dewy: You first... Fancy.
Fancy Day: You're dirtier than me.
Dick Dewy: But you're a lady.