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Willard Dorsett (Character)
from Sybil (2007) (TV)

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  1. Motivating Stanley (2014) Played by Crazy Paul (as Willard)

  2. Le mystère des jonquilles (2014) Played by Isabelle Nanty (as Willard)
  3. Halott Falut (2014) Played by David Koepfinger (as Willard)
  4. "Bourbon Whiz" Played by Matt Stanley (as Willard)
        - Episode #1.2 (2013) TV episode, Played by Matt Stanley (as Willard)
        - Episode #1.1 (2013) TV episode, Played by Matt Stanley (as Willard)
  5. Dawn of the Inflatables (2013) Played by David Ashmore (as Willard)
  6. Django Unchained (2012) Played by Christopher Berry (as Willard)
  7. Pennhurst (2012) Played by J. LaRose (as Willard)
  8. Redemption of a Dog (2012) Played by Keith Robinson (as Willard)
  9. "Is This It?"
        - Finale (2012) TV episode, Played by Taylor Devon Russell (as Willard)
        - The Plan (2012) TV episode, Played by Taylor Devon Russell (as Willard)
        - Hiding Hiding Everywhere (2012) TV episode, Played by Taylor Devon Russell (as Willard)
        - New Neighbors (2012) TV episode, Played by Taylor Devon Russell (as Willard)
  10. Footloose (2011) Played by Miles Teller (as Willard)
  11. T Is for Trout (2011) Played by William Romano-Pugh (as Willard)
  12. Tinder (2010) Played by Owen Fawcett (as Willard)
  13. Clarity (2010) Played by Sacha Moses-Gill (as Willard)
  14. Savage County (2010) (TV) Played by Jimmy Crothswait (as Willard)

  15. America's Pastime (2009) Played by Keith Surney (as Willard)
  16. Knock 'Em Dead, Kid (2009) Played by Michael Resendez (as Willard)
  17. The Dot Man (2008) Played by Jonathan Breck (as Willard)
  18. The Singles 2nd Ward (2007) Played by Brad Johnson (as Willard)
  19. "iCarly"
        - iRue the Day (2007) TV episode, Played by Shawn Crowder (as Willard)
  20. Sybil (2007) (TV) Played by Brian Downey (as Willard)
  21. Domain of the Damned (2007) Played by Tiernan Estridge (as Willard)
  22. Mr. Militant (2006) Played by Galen Howard (as Willard)
  23. Firecracker (2005) Played by Scott Balderson (as Willard)
  24. "Totally Spies!"
    ... aka "Totally Spies Undercover!" - USA (third season title)
        - Escape from Woohp Island (2005) TV episode, Played by Dee Bradley Baker (as Willard)
        - Alex Quits (2004) TV episode, Played by Dee Bradley Baker (as Willard)
  25. "Codename: Kids Next Door"
        - Operation: O.O.M.P.-P.A.H./Operation: S.H.A.V.E. (2003) TV episode, Played by Tara Strong (as Willard)
  26. "Dragnet"
    ... aka "L.A. Dragnet" - USA (second season title)
        - The Little Guy (2003) TV episode, Played by Keith Allan (as Willard)
  27. Willard (2003) Played by Crispin Glover (as Willard)
  28. My Terrorist Dad (2003) Played by Steven Pierce (as Willard)
  29. Changing Lanes (2002) Played by Ray Bokhour (as Willard)
  30. "The Invisible Man"
    ... aka "I-Man" - USA (second season title)
        - Immaterial Girl (2001) TV episode, Played by Sonya Maddox (as Willard)
  31. "Touched by an Angel"
        - Finger of God (2000) TV episode, Played by William Marquez (as Willard) / Troy Winbush (as Willard)

  32. Futuresport (1998) (TV) Played by Brad Loree (as Willard)
  33. Behind the Lines (1997) Played by Andrew Woodall (as Willard)
    ... aka "Regeneration" - UK (original title)
  34. Northern Lights (1997) (TV) Played by Frank C. Turner (as Willard)
  35. The Invader (1997) Played by Nick Mancuso (as Willard)
    ... aka "Star Child" - Canada (English title)
  36. "Detective Conan"
    ... aka "Meitantei Conan" - Japan (original title)
    ... aka "Case Closed" - USA (DVD title)
    ... aka "Case Closed: One Truth Prevails" - USA (cable TV title)
        - Luxury Liner Serial Murder Case: Part 2 (1996) TV episode, Played by Sonny Strait (as Willard)
        - Luxury Liner Serial Murder Case: Part 1 (1996) TV episode, Played by Sonny Strait (as Willard)
  37. Rescuing Desire (1996) Played by Barton Heyman (as Willard)
  38. "The Commish"
        - Father Image: Part 2 (1995) TV episode, Played by Benjamin Ratner (as Willard)
        - Father Image: Part 1 (1995) TV episode, Played by Benjamin Ratner (as Willard)
  39. Warriors (1994) Played by Richard Zeman (as Willard)
  40. "Head Over Heels"
        - Roll Over Beethoven (1993) TV episode, Played by Duncan Gould (as Willard)
  41. Ghost Ship (1992) Played by Ryan Cash (as Willard)
  42. Lethal Impact (1991) (V) Played by Patrick McNulty (as Willard)
  43. "MacGyver"
        - Squeeze Play (1990) TV episode, Played by Tim Rossovich (as Willard)

  44. Blondie & Dagwood: Second Wedding Workout (1989) (TV) Played by Charles Adler (as Willard)
  45. Swimsuit (1989) (TV) Played by Tom Villard (as Willard)
  46. "Hemingway" (1988) TV series Played by Raymond Forchion (as Willard)
  47. "The Golden Girls"
        - Grab That Dough (1988) TV episode, Played by Charles Green (as Willard)
  48. Death Blow: A Cry for Justice (1987) Played by George 'Buck' Flower (as Willard)
    ... aka "W.A.R.: Women Against Rape" - USA (original title)
    ... aka "I Will Dance on Your Grave: Lethal Victims" - USA (video title)
  49. Almost Partners (1987) (TV) Played by Bill Fagerbakke (as Willard)
  50. Prince of Bel Air (1986) (TV) Played by Dean Cameron (as Willard)
  51. "Small Wonder"
        - The Bully (1985) TV episode, Played by Brent Chalem (as Willard)
  52. "Cover Up"
        - Murder Offshore (1985) TV episode, Played by Jesse Vint (as Willard)
  53. Footloose (1984) Played by Chris Penn (as Willard)
  54. The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak (1984) Played by Brent Huff (as Willard)
    ... aka "Gwendoline" - France (original title)
  55. "Benji, Zax & the Alien Prince"
        - Benji Call Home (1983) TV episode, Played by Ben Jones (as Willard)
  56. "Inspector Gadget"
        - All That Glitters (1983) TV episode, Played by Don Francks (as Willard)
  57. Pieces (1982) Played by Paul L. Smith (as Willard) / Edward Mannix (as Willard)
    ... aka "Mil gritos tiene la noche" - Spain (original title)
  58. Shoot the Moon (1982) Played by Lou Cutell (as Willard)
  59. "Fame"
        - Tomorrow's Farewell (1982) TV episode, Played by Grand L. Bush (as Willard)
  60. "Too Close for Comfort"
        - Cop-Out (1982) TV episode, Played by Ralph Wilcox (as Willard)
  61. Force: Five (1981) Played by Ron Hayden (as Willard)
  62. S.O.B. (1981) Played by Craig Stevens (as Willard)
  63. Bloody Birthday (1981) Played by Michael Dudikoff (as Willard)

  64. "Flying High"
        - South by Southwest (1978) TV episode, Played by Broderick Crawford (as Willard)
  65. "Watch Your Mouth"
        - Anybody Out There with Their Ears On (1978) TV episode, Played by Willard D. Reece (as Willard)
  66. "Saturday Night Live"
    ... aka "NBC's Saturday Night" - USA (complete title)
    ... aka "SNL" - USA (informal title)
    ... aka "SNL 25" - USA (alternative title)
    ... aka "Saturday Night" - USA (first season title)
    ... aka "Saturday Night Live '80" - USA (sixth season title)
    ... aka "Saturday Night Live 15" - USA (fifteenth season title)
    ... aka "Saturday Night Live 20" - USA (twentieth season title)
    ... aka "Saturday Night Live 25" - USA (twentyfifth season title)
        - Buck Henry/Leon Redbone (1977) TV episode, Played by Bill Murray (as Willard)
  67. Twilight's Last Gleaming (1977) Played by Bill Walker (as Willard)
  68. "Sybil" (1976) TV series Played by William Prince
  69. The Love Boat (1976) (TV) Played by Harvey Korman (as Willard)
  70. Dragon Flies (1975) Played by Frank Thring (as Willard)
    ... aka "The Man from Hong Kong" - Hong Kong (original title)
    ... aka "The Dragon Flies" - USA
    ... aka "Sky High" - Japan (English title) (alternative title)
  71. Down and Dirty Duck (1974) Played by Howard Kaylan (as Willard)
    ... aka "Cheap" - USA (original title)
    ... aka "Dirty Duck" - USA (short title)
  72. Sweet Kill (1972) Played by Frank Whiteman (as Willard)
    ... aka "A Kiss from Eddie" - USA (alternative title)
    ... aka "The Arousers" - USA (reissue title)
  73. "Room 222"
        - The Valediction (1970) TV episode, Played by Ed Begley Jr. (as Willard)
        - The Lincoln Story (1970) TV episode, Played by Ed Begley Jr. (as Willard)
  74. "Bonanza"
    ... aka "Ponderosa" - USA (rerun title)
        - Danger Road (1970) TV episode, Played by Jay D. Jones (as Willard)
        - Walter and the Outlaws (1964) TV episode, Played by James Luisi (as Willard)
        - Any Friend of Walter's (1963) TV episode, Played by James Luisi (as Willard)

  75. "The New People"
        - The Guns of Bomano (1969) TV episode, Played by Jeff Cooper (as Willard)
  76. "Here Come the Brides"
        - The Deadly Trade (1969) TV episode, Played by William Bassett (as Willard)
        - Wives for Wakando (1969) TV episode, Played by William Bassett (as Willard)
  77. Firecreek (1968) Played by Morgan Woodward (as Willard)
  78. Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968) Played by Tony Edmunds (as Willard)
    ... aka "Grave Desires" - USA (reissue title)
    ... aka "Tomb of the Living Dead" - USA (TV title)
  79. "Man in a Suitcase"
        - Day of Execution (1967) TV episode, Played by Donald Sutherland (as Willard)
  80. "Iron Horse"
        - Consignment, Betsy the Boiler (1967) TV episode, Played by Warren Vanders (as Willard)
  81. Mirage (1965) Played by George Kennedy (as Willard)
  82. "For the People"
        - The Killing of One Human Being (1965) TV episode, Played by Philip Bosco (as Willard)
  83. "The Munsters"
        - Grandpa's Call of the Wild (1965) TV episode, Played by Ed Peck (as Willard)
  84. "Laramie"
        - Protective Custody (1963) TV episode, Played by Gregory Walcott (as Willard)

  85. "Dial 999"
        - Deadly Blackmail (1959) TV episode, Played by Richard Pasco (as Willard)
  86. "White Hunter"
        - The Marked Man (1958) TV episode, Played by Sydney King (as Willard)
  87. The Crucible (1957) Played by Alexandre Rignault (as Willard)
    ... aka "Les sorcières de Salem" - France (original title)
  88. "Inner Sanctum"
        - Watcher by the Dead (1954) TV episode, Played by Harry Townes (as Willard)

  89. The Milky Way (1936) Played by Charles Lane (as Willard)

  90. How He Won Her (1912/II) Played by Randolph Grey (as Willard)
  1. Guild Wars 2 (2012) (VG) Played by Wally Wingert (as Willard)

  2. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (2001) (VG) Played by Alan Blumenfeld (as Willard)
    ... aka "Jak and Daxter" - USA (short title)
Archive Footage:
  1. Rat People: Friends and Foes (2003) (V) Played by Crispin Glover (as Willard)
    ... aka "Rat People: Friends or Foes?" - USA (DVD box title)

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From Willard (2003)
Willard: Have you been to the basement?
Willard's Mother: Oh, you know I can't, but I know they're there. I can smell them! All my life I could smell mice.
Willard: Smell mice.
Willard's Mother: And hear them! Don't you hear them down there?
Willard: It's just the wind.
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