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Quotes for
Meghan Rotundi (Character)
from "Felicity" (1998)

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"Felicity: Drawing the Line: Part 2 (#1.8)" (1998)
Ruby: Story: How much does that stuff taste like butter?
Meghan: Can't Believe Its Not Butter? So much.
Ruby: Story: I literally can't believe it's not butter.
Meghan: Do you like the pump or the spread?
Ruby: Story: Oh my god, the spray because the spread doesn't melt enough
Meghan: It rips up the bread.
Ruby: Story: Did you try it on graham crackers?
Meghan: Yeh, how about cereal?
Ruby: Story: No. I never thought of that.
Meghan: You'll thank me. It takes breakfast up a notch.
Felicity: Have you guys met before?
Meghan: Did you look in my box?
Ruby: Story: No. Why?
Meghan: Forget it. See ya.
Ruby: Story: Where you goin'? You goin' out?
Meghan: Yeh. Some new club.
Ruby: Story: Adrenaline? I'm dying to go. Can I come?
Meghan: If you feel like paying.
Ruby: Story: I was gonna offer. I'll be home late.
Felicity: Home?
Ruby: Story: I'll do my eyes in the cab.
Meghan: We're walking.
Ruby: Story: My treat.
Meghan: Taxi it is.
Felicity: Did that just happen?