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Quotes for
Howie (Character)
from The Benchwarmers (2006)

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The Benchwarmers (2006)
Howie: For years I thought the sun was a monster. But I am here to tell you that it's not a monster! IT'S NOT A MONSTER!

Howie: I used to think the sun was evil but now I know it's not.
Wayne: How's the moon treating you.
Howie: Not a fan.

Howie: What's going all the way?
Wayne: [whispers in Howie's ear]
Howie: Oh.
[squeezes suntan lotion and screams]
Howie: Aaaaaah!

Howie: Richie told me about the serial killers thats loose in in our neighborhood killing anyone named Howie! THAT'S MY NAME! That's my name!

Howie: [quivering] Carlos?
Carlos: Who say my name?
Howie: [gives him 2 packs of beer and a tequila] I brought you a present from the Benchwarmers. You're really good at baseball.
Carlos: [happy] Thank you Albino.
Carlos: Now get lost!
Howie: [cowers away screeching]

Clark: We could still win this thing.
Richie: Wha-how?
Clark: If we use the force.
Richie: Let's try not to be too geeky, Clark.
Clark: The Force is powerful, my young padawan.
Howie: He's right. It is.

Howie: Richie?
[hands out a bottle of urine]
Richie: Okay, buddy.
Clark: Is that apple juice?
Richie: Nooo.