Mark Taylor Jackson
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Mark Taylor Jackson (Character)
from Funny People (2009)

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Funny People (2009)
Mark: When my grandfather died, there was one candle next to his bed. And the candle started flickering. We all thought it was him going to Heaven, you know?
Leo: You don't pass through fire to get to Heaven. I think he went to Hell.

Mark: Don't put me in this position where I have to fuck my way out of a corner!
Leo: He'll do it too. I've seen him.

Mark: I can't belive this, I'm opening up to you, and you're making fun of a serious moment in my life.

Mark: [sarcastically] Oh, I'm sorry my $25,000 check is such an inconvenience for your pillow.

Mark: If you don't have sex with Daisy in 10 days, I will.

Mark: Did you know that Leo played a part on Yo, Teach?
Ira Wright: Yes I did.
Mark: So you saw it?

Ira Wright: I can't believe you slept with her.
Mark: I gave you an extra 11 days.
Daisy: [Joining in the conversation] What are you guys talking about?
Ira Wright: Nothing, don't worry about it. Stupid guy stuff.