Limo Driver
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Limo Driver (Character)
from Me, Myself & Irene (2000)

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Me, Myself & Irene (2000)
Charlie Baileygates: Do you people take checks?
Limo Driver: Say that again. Do we people take checks? You mean a black man?
Charlie Baileygates: No, no, no, no, God, no! Your company.
Limo Driver: Don't give me that backtracking bullshit, that was a racist slur!

Charlie Baileygates: I never said anything remotely racist!
Limo Driver: Oooh, so it's the little people thing, than?
Charlie Baileygates: No!
Limo Driver: You think just coz I'm small you can just push me around? Well, come on my friend. Let's boogie! I'm gonna give a little lesson in low center of gravity!
[Limo Driver chases Charlie]
Charlie Baileygates: Hey, cut it! Stop it now, Sir!
Limo Driver: Don't patronize me with that 'Sir' crap!

[Layla leaves Charlie for the Limo Driver]
Charlie Baileygates: But you said you'd eat whale blubber.
Limo Driver: She'll be eating blubber all right, just as soon as I free "Willy."