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Construction Worker Steve (Character)
from Up (2009)

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Up (2009)
Construction Worker Steve: [directing a large construction vehicle backing up] Okay, keep her coming. Keep coming. And stop. Stop. Stop!
[it starts to run over Carl's mailbox]
Carl Fredricksen: [watching from his doorway] Why... Hey! Hey you!
[Steve sees him and runs to the mailbox]
Carl Fredricksen: What do you... What do you think you're doing?
[he shuffles quickly to his mailbox]
Construction Worker Steve: I am so sorry, sir.
[he attempts to fix Carl's mailbox]
Carl Fredricksen: Don't touch that!
Construction Worker Steve: [they fight for control of the mailbox] No, no, no. Let me take care of that for you.
Carl Fredricksen: Get away from our mailbox!
Construction Worker Steve: Hey. Sir, I...
Carl Fredricksen: I don't want you to touch it!
[he clubs Steve on the head with his cane. Blood is drawn. Carl retreats into his house, ashamed]