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Theodore Long (Character)
from "WWE Smackdown!" (1999)

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"WWE Smackdown!: Episode #7.7" (2005)
Palmer Canon: [Palmer Canon and Teddy Long are in Long's office] Remember those promos we were running over the summer on SmackDown! for The Boogeyman? It was a new show we were going to have on the network. "I'm the Boogeyman, and I'm coming to get you!"
Teddy Long: Well, I don't know, playa.
Palmer Canon: Well, the talent who was playing the part, something a little strange happened on the set. But, we've got a multi-year holding deal with this gentleman, and in my opinion, I think he'd be a great addition to our show, he'd be a great addition for SmackDown!
Teddy Long: Who are you talking about?
Palmer Canon: I'm talking about the Boogeyman.
[to someone off-camera]
Palmer Canon: The Boogeyman's here right now? Mr.Long, uh, meet the Boogeyman.
[Camera pans to the right to show the Boogeyman]
Michael Cole: [Off-camera] The hell?
Teddy Long: What is this, some kind of Halloween joke, what am I supposed to do with him?
Palmer Canon: Pay attention.
Teddy Long: Pay attention to what?
Palmer Canon: To the Boogeyman!
[to Boogeyman]
Palmer Canon: Do your, do your thing.
The Boogeyman: [Stares into the camera and holds up his clock] One two, Boogeyman looking for you/Three four better lock your door.
[laughs and starts swinging his clock from side to side]
The Boogeyman: Tick tock, tick tock/From out of the shadows in which I may appear/Tick tock tick tock/As the sound of the clock draws the time near/You about to face your deepest
The Boogeyman: FEARS!
[Smashes the clock over his head]
The Boogeyman: Nine ten never sleep again/
[laughs, big smile]
The Boogeyman: I'm the Boogeyman and I'm coming to get you!
[Turns to Teddy Long for his response]
Teddy Long: Boogeyman, you, you may have some potential.