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Quotes for
Kayla (Character)
from Carpool (1996)

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Carpool (1996)
[location: in their van which is inside a refrigeration truck]
Andrew: It's freezing.
Franklin: Huddle together if you're cold, I'll turn on the heat.
Daniel: That's brilliant. See in order to get heat you have to turn on the engine, thereby trapping the fumes and rendering us all dead by asphixiation.
Franklin: In that case forget the heat. Hey who farted? Did you cut the cheese, Dan?
Daniel: For God's sake, no I did not.
Franklin: How about you, Kayla?
Kayla: Girls don't fart.
Franklin: Really? Come over to my house sometime and ask my mom why all our cats committed suicide.

[Kayla slaps Bucky]
Kayla: BUCKY!
Bucky: What? I thought you were scared, so I grabbed you shoulder.
Kayla: That *wasn't* my *shoulder*.

Andrew: I want to be the hostage!
Kayla: How come I never get to be the hostage?
Travis: That's because you're a girl.
Bucky: Hey, girls can be hostages, too. I mean, we're moving toward the twenty-first century and girls can be whatever they want.
Kayla: Right on, sister.
Daniel: Ok, quiet down or nobody gets to be the hostage!
Bucky: Well, that made sense, dad.