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Fran 'Pit Stain' Jones (Character)
from "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" (1992)

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"The Adventures of Pete & Pete: The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky (#3.3)" (1995)
Wayne Pardue: Hey Pit Stain. Penny for your thoughts.
Fran 'Pit Stain' Jones: Here's one for free. I know where you LIVE.

Fran 'Pit Stain' Jones: [sweating and picks up Little Pete's recharged penny] It's so beautiful and it's mine, mine, MINE!
[bus lights flash on Pit Stain's face]
Stu Benedict: Drop it, Pit Stain.
[Pit Stain drops the penny]
Nona F. Mecklenberg: Stu!
Stu Benedict: By the power invested to me by the Wellsville Busing and Transit authority, You're under bus arrest.
Little Pete Wrigley: But how'd you know we were here.
Stu Benedict: Just passing by, the right place, right time.
[faces Pit Stain]
Stu Benedict: For you, wrong place, wrong time. On the bus.
[grabs Pit Stain and his cronies and escorts them to the bus]
Monica: Hey Stu, how come the train didn't derail?
Stu Benedict: Must be Pete's lucky day.

Fran 'Pit Stain' Jones: [shoves Little Pete to the ground] Have a seat, carrot head.
[jumps up to pin him and it freezes in mid air]
Big Pete Wrigley: Meet Pit Stain, my brother's arch enemy. A glandular freak dedicated to destroying the kid who gave him, his nickname.
Fran 'Pit Stain' Jones: [pins Little Pete] This must be my "Lucky" day, right scamp socket.
[Pulls out a mint can]
Fran 'Pit Stain' Jones: Mint?
Little Pete Wrigley: Shove it down your armpit, Pit Stain.
Fran 'Pit Stain' Jones: We all have our problems, Wrigley. Mines happens to be glandular.
[grabs him]
Fran 'Pit Stain' Jones: And yours happens to be my fist.
[raises his fist to pound him, but is stopped by Stu]
Stu Benedict: Hi. Stu Benedict, bus driver and you're sweating all over me.
[is grossed out]
Little Pete Wrigley: It's his glands.
Fran 'Pit Stain' Jones: It is not. It's just unseasonably warm today
Stu Benedict: I think the weather is perfect for you to take a hike.