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Principal Kent Schwinger (Character)
from "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" (1992)

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"The Adventures of Pete & Pete: Last Laugh (#3.7)" (1995)
[shows a slide of Little Pete Wrigley to the staff]
Principal Kent Schwinger: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the enemy. Notice the abundance of freckles, the innocent smile. Don't let him fool you, he's a killer.
Big Pete Wrigley: [narrating] Meet Principal Kent Schwinger, the most despised principal in Wellsville history. It wasn't the manditory squat thrusts or the creamed corn lunches that made him so hated. It was eight v-necked dweebs called the Up With Personal Hygene singers. Every year, Schwinger inflicted their good hygene jamboree on the helpless kids of Wellsville.
Principal Kent Schwinger: [shows him a slide of Johnny Earwax and himself] You see I always had a problem with clogged ears. Then one day at school, a little fella named Johnny Earwax sang a song that opened my ears up to a whole new world.
Ms. Burnbawer: [awakens] That's very touching sir, but...
Principal Kent Schwinger: But, don't you get it. The Hygene singers are coming today, April Fool's Day. I know how Wrigley thinks, he'll try something.
Ms. Burnbawer: Aren't you being a bit paranoid?
Principal Kent Schwinger: Paranoid.
[clicks the remote to switch to security cams which Little Pete is talking to Wayne in the boys bathroom]

Wayne Pardue: [in the boy's bathroom] Come on, we're buds, amigos. So tell me, who are you going to prank?
Little Pete Wrigley: That's privilege information, Wayne.
Wayne Pardue: Why? Is it someone big? Is it Schwinger? You gotta be crazy
[Little Pete is shocked by it]
Wayne Pardue: That's it, you're going after the man. You gotta be crazy.
Little Pete Wrigley: Relax, Schwingsville isn't so tough.
Principal Kent Schwinger: You don't think so, my friend.
Little Pete Wrigley: Look we've put up with him and his stinking show for too long. Today, they're both going down.
Principal Kent Schwinger: Bring it on, punk. I'll shread you like wheat.
[turns and faces the faculty]
Principal Kent Schwinger: Seen enough. Bottom line is if Wrigley's gonna be stopped, I need a pro.