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Quotes for
Revy (Character)
from "Black Lagoon" (2006)

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"Black Lagoon: The Black Lagoon (#1.1)" (2006)
Revy: Dutch, this guy is a jerk, shoot on his knees, he will sing like a bird.
Dutch: Is not necessary... That disc is more than enough for payment.

Dutch: Ok, Gentlemen! We go and we leave you free. But I recommend that none of you follow us. That thing over there is a torpedo launcher. If you don't want blow up, you better don't move in the next half hour, then you will be free.
Rock: [Relieved] We're saved.
Revy: [Pointing her gun to his head] So. why do you relax? You're coming with us, scum.
Rock: [Nervous] you're kidding... you're kidding, right?
Revy: Shut up and walk.

Revy: [hands him a glass of rum completely filled] If you were a man, you'd drink Rum. but... you're just a shit who even can't challenge a woman... I will not force you, but, I will make you wear a skirt ,some pigtails and take you to a Dance Party.
Rock: I hate Noblemen! but...
[drinks the entire glass of rum from a single sip]
Rock: In business dinners make us drink a fucking lot.Don't underestimate a Japanese businessman!
Revy: You...
[They get up from the chair and look face to face defiantly]
Revy: Hey, Bartender...
Benny: Damn, I thought you didn't like be challenged

Rock: [while everyone are fleeing in the Black Lagoon's car] What the fuck is this? Am I in a movie?
Revy: Don't be stupid, this is much funnier than Hollywood.

Rock: [as he sees the helicopter hovering above the boat] Damn it, they'll kill me with that.
Revy: Rock, Hold this...
[She throws him a rifle, he receives it]
Rock: A gun? Don't make me take that!
Revy: That thing doesn't come in peace

E.O. Captain: Trace the entire area. I thought I heard something... I Hate the survivors.
Revy: My opinion is the same.
[the shootout begins]

Dutch: Revy?
Revy: I'm okay!
Dutch: Benny?
Benny: Miraculously I'm alive!
Dutch: And Rock?
Rock: Dead! People are dead!

Revy: You wanna die, Benny!
Benny: Not really.

Revy: I hope you realize you're hiding under a torpedo launcher! Better make sure you don't get blown up!

"Black Lagoon: Calm Down, Two Men (#1.7)" (2006)
Rock: [while eating lunch in the town square together, Rock makes a confession] Revy... I'm not... gonna aplogize anymore.
Revy: [eyes flare open with anger] I must've misheard you... you better hope I did, otherwise you're a fuckin' dead man.
Rock: Is that right?
[slams down his bowl of noodles and stands up]
Rock: In that case... I'll say it again! I didn't make any mistake and I have nothing to apologize for! That's what I'm saying!
Revy: [gets up with a cold dead look in her eyes] That's a shame. You just stepped... on a non-negotiable, big-ass fucking landmine.
[draws her weapon, scaring the townspeople]
Revy: Like I said, a real shame. Just answer me one last thing: what do you want on your tombstone... cocksucker?
Rock: [narrows eyes] How about, 'there's no excuse for a fool with a gun'?

Sister Yolanda: [after negotiations with Rock at the church, Yolanda gives Revy some advice as she departs] Young lady, you know you could learn a thing or two from that man. In the end, waving your gun around doesn't work, you'll never do business like that.
[chuckles sweetly at her]
Revy: [just narrows her eyes at Yolanda] Go fuck yourself.
[shuts door behind her as she leaves]

Balalaika: [Rock and Revy arrive at the Balalaika's Office, she is editing a porn video while she seem too boring for do that work] So, the shipment will be late? Dutch could have told me by phone, but you came here.
Revy: [while she watches the video, Rock tries to look elsewhere] You tell that to Dutch.
Balalaika: [while she presses the pause button, then presses the forward button and then presses the play button] All right. I just need to take care of fifty of these today... I should have hired someone part time to do this. It's making my head feel strange... And I have a meeting tonight. Some idiots are selling drugs without permission. It's a real pain in the...
Revy: [Appearing astonished by what she sees] Hey, hey, That thing is in her ass?
Balalaika: [Without surprise] Yes, it's in her ass.

Revy: [Pointing their gun at each other] Make your move, Eda, Second-rate gunman.
Sister Eda: Do you want me to teach you how to smoke through your forehead?

Rock: Revy... I'm not... gonna apologize anymore.
Revy: [eyes flare open with anger] I must've misheard you... you better hope I did, otherwise you're a fucking dead man.
Rock: Is that right?
[Slams down his bowl and stands up]
Rock: I'll say it again! I didn't make any mistake and I have nothing to apologize for! That's what I'm saying!
Revy: [Gets up with a cold dead look in her eyes] That's a shame. You just stepped... on a non-negotiable, big-ass fucking landmine.
[Draws her weapon, scaring the townspeople]
Revy: Like I said, a real shame.
[Cocks her weapon]
Revy: Just answer me one last thing: What do you want on your tombstone?
Revy: [Narrows eyes] How about, "There's no cure for a violent idiot"?
Revy: [Staring at him coldly] Goodbye, Rock. See you.
[Is heard a shot on the horizon. When the smoke cleared, Revy is terrified, Rock has diverted the shot taking the gun's barrel with his right hand, he has a wound on the forehead]
Rock: You See? You can't solve everything with a gun.

Revy: You,fucking...
Rock: [Grabbing to Revy from her shirt's collar] Don't call me "fucking "! My Name is Rock! Do you understand? I have enough of this. I've reached my limit! I thought it was over to kiss the ass of my superiors!... And now I'm at the end of the world's kissing the ass of a woman? What kind of sick joke is this?
Revy: You, Insolent son of a...
Rock: [very angry] IT'S ROCK! ¿Insolent? Fuck that, you idiot! Aren't you a fugitive?, a wild pirate? But as soon as you open your mouth is "Money, Money, Money, Money"! You think you're a villain after a great prize, but you end up scavenging the corpses! There is a limit to how fucking greedy can you be! Don't you have some pride in that head of yours?
Revy: [Pushing him to free herself from the grab] Don't try to act the hero, Clerk!
[She throws him a cup full of chopsticks]
Revy: What do you know about me? What the fuck you know, eh? SAY IT! A guy like you, with a life so peaceful, has no fucking idea how I lived!
Rock: You're right. There is no way that I know that! I'm not you. But let me ask you something
[takes off his tie]
Rock: What do you know about me? No matter how you live, one finds the suffering, isn't it? You don't have the intention to understand that. And when you can't answer, you conveniently become the tragic heroine. That's the most cowardly thing in you!
Revy: SHUT UP!
[Kicking and Knocking down the table]
Revy: You're the one who sees this at your convenience! Damn, this is not like those cheap Hollywood films that you like! Pride? Fuck that! Look around! There's a pile of shit everywhere! Robin Hood no longer exists, Asshole!
Rock: If there is no Robin Hood, then become a Robin Hood! Is a way of life better than going around crying and whoring!
Revy: Shut up, SHUT THE FUCK UP!
[draws her other weapon]
Revy: I'll kill you
Rock: [Without showing afraid of her] Go Ahead, Do it. Keep chasing your tail like a dog. If you kill me here, that will be the proof
[At that moment, the police arrive to arrest them]

Revy: [while she tries to avoid looking at Rock] Give me the keys, I'll come back alone.
Rock: Then I could not go home
Revy: Then, walk.
Rock: This is not going to happen
Revy: Then, Go back to Japan. You aren't made for this
Rock: You're the one who invited me
Revy: I screwed up on that
Rock: I wonder, Who prevented that the incident at the church became a bloodbath? Is like that old woman said, You can't solve everything with a gun

"Black Lagoon: Ring-Ding Ship Chase (#1.3)" (2006)
Revy: Rock, what you did in your job?
Rock: I worked in the department of raw materials going to business travel, writing reports... And I did the phone calls, but I think my real work was to be a scab. At night was to put up my bosses drunk. When they were drunk, they kicked my ass.
Revy: You were screwed, Rock. What a sad story. having to endure all that. Are you a masochist?
Rock: Supporting all this is part of the job. Nobody wants to be out of work. all survive in that way.

Rock: Revy, What do you used to do before coming here?
Revy: What I do now and what I did before has not changed.
Revy: [Jokingly] So you were going to swim the river, waving a machete as a kid?
Revy: It's true. I stole, I killed and made a lot of bad things.
[Both are left staring uncomfortably silent]
Revy: Yes, I was screwed.

Rock: Revy, What are you gonna do?
Revy: Rock, let's leave it for later to tell me how is your world. Now I must to concentrate on my world.

[last lines]
Revy: Rock, we are not working. Put on the Hawaiian shirt!
Rock: No Fucking way!

Revy: Yes, criminals around the world come here to scratch their balls. They deceive each other, each and every one of them. You're not able to survive if you just can trust your eyes. but it's great while you're still alive.

"Black Lagoon: The Vampire Twins Comen (#2.1)" (2006)
Rock: Well, I hate to say it, but the murder does not seem a big deal in this city
Revy: The murder itself is not unusual here, but it's different if they are pointing to Hotel Moscow

Revy: [to see that everyone in the bar go heavily armed] Roanapur At this time it's like popcorn, just waiting for enough heat to burst.

Sister Eda: [Arriving without warning to the bar] Hey, "Too-handy", are you drinking shitty liquor again?
Revy: Hey.
Rock: [remembers seeing her in the church] So, Are you the Rip-Off Sister?
Sister Eda: [Grinning] Oh? Romeo is with you. How are you doing? Why don't you come play with me instead of drinking with this boar woman?
Revy: [indifferent] Don't go fishing men out there just because business is bad. I'll kill you
Sister Eda: [sarcastically] Oh, you frightened me...
[to Rock]
Sister Eda: Did you hear that, Romeo? She always had irregular periods.

Sister Eda: The anxious has already begun, the Mafia is an independent supplier and the murderers are gathering. From what I heard, The Brothers Yung, "Big One" Emilio and Ronny CK came to town.
Bao: Amazing, is like an professional murderers expo.
Sister Eda: Others came too: "Greentooth" Johnny is just great. He came to us looking for an elephant gun. I don't know what is he thinking.
Revy: Does he think that the target is a dinosaur?

"Black Lagoon: Mangrove Heaven (#1.2)" (2006)
Revy: You're a bit confused. They want to destroy the disk, right? Your life is a simple...
Rock: My life is a fuckin' collateral damage!, Damn!
[as he kicks the torpedo container]
Rock: Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Revy: You know there's a torpedo in there.
Rock: You shut up! Shut the fuck up!

[last lines]
Rock: Nobody will believe me, but... I became a pirate of the Southern Seas. This huge ship was the prey today.
Revy: Let's return to port to eat. There are Chinese soup at Tao-han's
[throws a grenade launcher Revi and Rock receives it]
Revy: ... everyone loves it.

Dutch: [after the crash landing of the boat] My head is still whole, my sunglasses are not broken... Amen, hallelujah, peanut butter.
Revy: [thrown to the ground upside down] Shit on the mother of Christ. I will not repeat this!.
Dutch: Benny, are you okay?.
Benny: Yes, I am alive, but the computer is shit. we must fix it, we...
Dutch: Hey, what about Rock?
Revy: There you go...
[Rock lies unconscious on the floor]
Revy: Just before impact, he cried like William Holden in The Wild Bunch.
Dutch: He seems comfortable being there lying down.
Revy: Hell, yeah.
[Rock is unconscious, but smiling]

Dutch: So, Rock... What are you gonna do?
Rock: I am no longer held hostage by anyone, I have no place to go...
Revy: I have a friend that could need a sailor. Are you interested? They're messengers.
Rock: And they evade the law day after day, right?
[Rock joins to Black Lagoon]

"Black Lagoon: Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise (#2.7)" (2006)
Rock: There is something wrong with her.
Revy: They're war maniacs, They left some screws there in Afganisthan

Revy: Rock. Did you remember anything?
Rock: Like what?
Revy: What do you mean with "Like what"? This is your country. Don't you have anybody? A Family? It's not like you were born from the crotch of a tree.

Rock: From the first time you aimed a weapon against me in that boat... has already been a year
Revy: Hell, yeah.
Rock: This is a place I knew well, but I don't know him at all. My family did not get along. My older brother went well and got a government job. At first I did not get into school and ended up in a normal company. They did not expect much of me. I guess They really don't care about me.
Revy: But your friends are still alive, right? at least contact them, you still have not been arrested, this is your only chance. If you continue with this, one day you will not be able to see them anymore.

"Black Lagoon: Rasta Blasta (#1.8)" (2006)
Revy: [Garcia throws a bowl of soup in Revy's face] YOU WANTED IT!
Dutch: [Listening to the noise that she causes in the cabin from the bridge] Rock...
Dutch: ...Sorry, could you swap babysitting duties with Revy?
Revy: [Things breaking are heard] COME HERE, LITTLE BRAT!
Dutch: Her professionalism is her main problem.
Revy: SON OF A...!
[Rock goes to the cabin]
Dutch: Is no good if the package has some holes.

Dutch: [Looking at his watch] Revy, Rock is taking too long.
Revy: [while she polishes her gun] He probably is getting sentimental, He probably will tell us a sad story and he will ask us to let the child go.
[Sees Rock coming out from the hatch]
Revy: I told you. with a look like that.

Garcia: She is some clumsy, she can not make cleaning or chores, but...
[to Revy]
Garcia: Roberta is so much stronger than you!
Revy: [after seeing Garcia, she breaks into laughter] Of all the fucking things you could say!
[mocking Garcia]
Revy: She's not going to throw me a teapot, Does she? If what you say is true, I now believe that Jesus crossed the Route 66 in a chopper.
Rock: Have you seen her strength?
[In saying this, Revy stops laughing]

"Black Lagoon: Maid to Kill (#1.9)" (2006)
Revy: [after seeing Roberta use the combat shotgun hidden under her umbrella] Dutch, I know what I want for Christmas!

Revy: [to Garcia] Hey, kid! I hope your maid be so strong as you say,
[She pulls out her pistols]
Revy: these little girls haven't seen action in a while.

"Black Lagoon: Die Rückkehr des Adlers (#1.4)" (2006)
Rock: [as he finishes putting on the fins of his diving suit] I have not welded anything in life, and even less under water. It will not work.
Revy: Hey, you finished reviewing the gear? If you keep scratching your balls, I'll throw into the water without tank.
Rock: Almost...
Revy: What about the oxygen compressor? Did you verify the gauge? If you drown, I'll leave you in that Nazi graveyard.
Rock: Don't get mad, I will do it fine...
Rock: [Taking him by the neck] If you die, you will be a hindrance. You better do it fine, useless.

Rock: [Desperate] Hell, if I had known, I had not said anything. I've only dived once in Ishigaki islands.Dutch scammed me!
Revy: You keep repeating it since we embarked. Don't be so heavy, Asshole.
Revy: I can't... I can't go diving!

"Black Lagoon Omake: The Magical Girl (#1.2)" (2009)
Revy: Radical Revy to the rescue!

Revy: Tokarev! Makarov! Heckler and Koch! It's search and destroy time!
[pulls out two guns and opens fire]
Rokurou Okajima: HUH? Aren't you using magic?
Revy: Magic? Who needs magic when you can solve all your problems with guns?

"Black Lagoon: The Unstoppable Chambermaid (#1.10)" (2006)
[Rock approaches Revy and Roberta, both locked in an intense fist fight]
Rock: Uhh... Excuse me ladies, haven't you had enough of this fighting?
[pause as Revy and Roberta continue to fight]
Rock: Why not try this: sit down and talk things through? I'm sure you have more in common than you thought.
Revy, Roberta: [Both shout simultaneously] Stay the fuck out of this!
Rock: ...Or I could do that. Great idea.

"Black Lagoon Omake: Boys and Girls (#1.4)" (2010)
Revy: I'm a man, see?
[Rock sees Revy's manhood, and has a breakdown]

"Black Lagoon: Bloodsport Fairytale (#2.2)" (2006)
Sister Eda: [pointing her gun on Hansel and Gretel] You better finish your prayers.
Gretel: Wait, wait...
[approaching her]
Gretel: Can I ask you something? How much money is for our heads?
Sister Eda: Eighty thousand U.S. dollars!Don't move!
Gretel: It's a good price,
[Looking for something in a bag]
Gretel: but I have a question.
[She takes out several stacks of a hundred dollar bills from the bag]
Gretel: I have the Verrocchio's office money here. I don't mind to fight you, but there is something we can do. How do you sound like one hundred thousand for not having seen us?
Sister Eda: Don't fuck with us!, we aren't errand girls.
Gretel: How about one hundred and fifty thousand?
[throws the bills in the air ]
Gretel: What do you think?
Sister Eda: [hesitant while the bills falls around her] Well...
[looks up]
Sister Eda: What we do, Revy?
Revy: [sadistic] Don't panic, Eda. We'll take it all, eighty thousand, one hundred fifty thousand and their lives.