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Biography for
Cici (Character)
from Scream 2 (1997)

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Casey 'Cici' Cooper (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is a student at Windsor College in which she is in Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy) film class. She is involved in a discussion about sequels. Later that night, as Cici watches movies while on the phone to her friend she recieves a call, in which she thinks is her boyfriend. She realizes that it is not her boyfriend and reveals to the friendly stranger that she is all alone in the sorority house becuase everyone is at a party to which she could not go as it is her turn to be sober sister. The stranger then threatens Cici asking her if she would like to die. As this happens, Cici's friend phones back. Cici tells her someone is trying to scare her and begins to freak out when she hears noises coming from upstairs. She rushes outside and decides to phone campus security, but has to re-enter the house to do so. As she phones Dawnie (Marisol Nichols), a sorority sister, appears. As the two girls talk, ghostface sneaks into the house by the door Cici left open. Dawnie exits, and Cici recieves another call from the stranger, this time reciting the conversation the two sisters just had. Cici sets the alarm and begins to search the house for any danger, while also trying to calm herself down. The phone rings again and as Cici cautiously answers, Ghostface jumps out a closet behind her. Cici dodges the killer's attempts to stab her, and flees up the 3 flights of stairs. Along the way she throws a plant pot and a bike at him. Despite her efforts Ghostface catches up with her and pushes her through a pair of glass doors onto a balcony. As she dizzily attempts to stand up Ghostface stabs her twice in the back before throwing her off the balcony. Cici screams as she drops to her death.

In the aftermath of her death it is revealed Cici was targated by the killer because she shares the same name as victim Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore) who was murdered in Woodsbro.

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