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Quotes for
Drederick Tatum (Character)
from "The Simpsons" (1989)

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"The Simpsons: The Bart of War (#14.21)" (2003)
Marge Simpson: [a riot is occurring in Duff Stadium] All I wanted was to glue feathers on felt and teach the boys good citizenship
[she starts to cry and the cameraman turns the camera to her]
Homer Simpson: [Seeing her crying on the stadium screen] That's my wife and she's crying!
Groundskeeper Willie: Dry your tears lass
Otto Mann: Then show us your boobs
Drederick Tatum: [after repeatedly punching Moe] Dear God, why are we fighting?
Others: I ain't doing any fighting

Drederick Tatum: Hello Springfield, I'm heavyweight champ Drederick Tatum issuing a challenge to see who can sell the most candy, winners will become honorary bad boys at the next Isotopes home game, proceeds will go to keeping people like me off the street, I can't help myself, punch and grope, punch and grope, its all I was taught

"The Simpsons: Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment (#2.13)" (1991)
Drederick Tatum: [Talking to a reporter] Man that place is a dump. If you ever see me there you'll know I really f - ked up bad.

"The Simpsons: Large Marge (#14.4)" (2002)
Drederick Tatum: I have been paid millions to endorse these butt-ugly shoes.