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Jake Tucker (Character)
from "Family Guy" (1999)

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"Family Guy: North by North Quahog (#4.1)" (2005)
Brian Griffin: Jake brought vodka to the school dance, and Chris got blamed for it, and it's really turn his life upside-down face.
[Stewie stares at Brian in disbelief]
Tom Tucker: It's no concern to me if it's turned his life upside-down face, Jake's a good boy! Isn't that right, Jake?
Jake Tucker: Yeah!

"Family Guy: The King Is Dead (#2.7)" (2000)
Diane Simmons: Our top story tonight, I have been cast as the lead in the Quahog Players' production of The King And I.
Tom Tucker: In other news, I wont be going to the play because I'm sure it will be lousy.
Diane Simmons: This just in: Tom, you're such a closet case.
Tom Tucker: We now go live to Diane being a bitch. Diane?

"Family Guy: Boys Do Cry (#5.15)" (2007)
Tom Tucker: Coming up, a local claims to have spotted Big Foot. We've got the exclusive interview here.
Redneck: I was about to bone my girlfriend, but suddenly she yelled. I looked up and it was Big Foot?
Tom Tucker: So what did you do after that?
Redneck: I went back to bone her, but the mosquitoes went crazy and she said there was no way.

"Family Guy: Hannah Banana (#8.5)" (2009)
Jake Tucker: Dad! There's an evil monkey in my closet!
Tom Tucker: I do not care son. I just do not care!