Freya Carlson
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Freya Carlson (Character)
from The Wrecking Crew (1968)

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The Wrecking Crew (1968)
Freya Carlson: [After falling into a deep pond] It's too deep.
Matt Helm: Too deep, huh?
[She nods]
Matt Helm: I wanna ask you a question. Whose side are you on?
Freya Carlson: Well, I'm an agent. And I also happen to be a good one. And I'm also a woman!
[She storms away]
Matt Helm: It *was* the wig.

Matt Helm: [Freya has pushed Lenka into the pool] What made you think she could swim?
Freya Carlson: That was the only way to find out, right?

Matt Helm: Wanna do me a favor?
Freya Carlson: Yes sir.
Matt Helm: Go play in the freeway.
[turns to leave but turns back]
Matt Helm: Without a car!

Freya Carlson: It just so happens that I know where Yu-Rang hangs her kimono.
Matt Helm: I'll bet you do.

Linka Karensky: My dear, you must be terribly dedicated to your work, to wear an attrocious wig like that.
Freya Carlson: How very common of you to mention it.

Freya Carlson: [their car is a wreck] Mr. Helm, I'm afraid the car is broken.
Matt Helm: The car is broken?
Freya Carlson: Yes.
[reaches inside the wreckage]
Freya Carlson: Oh! My hat! My hat's ok.