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Negaduck (Character)
from "Darkwing Duck" (1991)

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"Darkwing Duck: Disguise the Limit (#1.38)" (1991)
Negaduck: [pulling off a Darkwing costume] Okay, maybe pretending to be Darkwing Duck is a rotten trick. But then I'm Negaduck, a rotten kind of guy!

"Darkwing Duck: Let's Get Respectable (#1.49)" (1991)
Negaduck: [Atop a gigantic pile of money] Mine! Mine! All mine!
Darkwing Duck: I am the terror that flaps in the night!
Negaduck: Ah, I knew it couldn't last forever.

"Darkwing Duck: Just Us Justice Ducks: Part 2 (#1.21)" (1991)
[the intercom buzzes]
Darkwing Duck: [old lady voice] Flowers for Negaduck!
Negaduck: I hate flowers.
Darkwing Duck: Did I say "flowers"? I meant, uh, I meant, uh... skulls! Skulls for Negaduck!
Negaduck: [licks his lips] I'll be right there!

"Darkwing Duck: My Valentine Ghoul (#1.46)" (1991)
Darkwing Duck: [under the influence of a love potion] What's a matter Negsy old pal? Is there something else I can do for you?
Negaduck: Yeah! Go jump off a cliff!
Darkwing Duck: Yo! Anything for you Negmiester!
[jumps off a cliff]
Darkwing Duck: Dyranamo!
Negaduck: And to think, all this time, all I had to do was ask.

"Darkwing Duck: Just Us Justice Ducks: Part 1 (#1.20)" (1991)
Darkwing Duck: [Pointing] Look a fuzzy wuzzy bunny!
Negaduck: Where?
[whips out a shotgun and shoots up the place]

"Darkwing Duck: Negaduck (#2.3)" (1991)
Negaduck: [to Drake after Darkwing was hit by tronsplitter] Give me back my face! You're getting it ugly!