Abby Mills
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Biography for
Abby Mills (Character)
from "Harper's Island" (2009)

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Abby Mills was just a regular girl growing up on Harpers Island. She had a best friend named Henry, a semi relationship with a boy named Jimmy, and was relatively normal. Her dad, Charlie Mills, was the Sheriff and her mother was more kind and accepting of what Abby wanted to do with her life (such as dating Jimmy), than her father. But that all changed one day, when a man named John Wakefield came to the island for the first time, killing 6 people, including Abby's mother. Her father sent her away to live with her grandmother soon after that, splitting up her and Jimmy and cutting all ties with everyone she had grown up with. Abby's father shot and killed, as he thought..... Seven years after the killings, Abby has hesitantly returned to the island for Henry's wedding, reuniting with people she hadn't seen since the brutal murders, including Jimmy. Everything seemed to be going okay, until murders started happening and people disappearing. Everyone becomes a suspect on the island, and Abby's trust in her dad fades as she starts to learn the truth about John Wakefield and the past. Little did they all know, Abby is the reason the killings have begun again. In Episode 10, her father is set up in a trap and as the trap is set off, the sheriff is pulled back through a window, his neck snapping. She then comes face to face with John Wakefield himself. He then steps from the shadows and begins killing everybody. In episode 13, she finds out that the killer is Henry and that he is Wakefield's biological son. He was working with him on the island as the murderer. He became obsessive with Abby and killed Wakefield instead of her. He said he chose her, because he was holding onto a childhood quote she said to him when she was about 9. She said, "I wish that you and I could live on this island, just the 2 of us." Henry held onto that, and killed every wedding guest on the island except for Jimmy, Shea and Madison, so they could be together. She tries to escape but he holds her back. He told her the only way that she would come back to Harper's Island was holding the wedding. It was all about her. At the end of episode 13, Henry is holding a boarding knife while on the bluffs (cliffs) and threatening Abby if she did not come back inside, he would attempt to hurt her. Jimmy than attacks Henry by jumping on him and causing them to both fall off of the bluffs. They both survive. Abby runs down to see if Jimmy is okay, but Henry is right behind her. She then picks up the boarding knife that was next to Jimmy and turns around and stabs Henry. He falls on his knees holding onto the knife, and sais to Abby, "Abby, I love you." he then dies after saying those last words. She escapes off of the island with Jimmy. She was one of the 4 survivors that made it off of Harper's Island.

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