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Carl the Watcher (Character)
from "Ghost Whisperer" (2005)

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"Ghost Whisperer: Body of Water (#4.13)" (2009)
Melinda Gordon: Carl? Why are you here?
Carl Sessick: You said there would be forgiveness for me. You lied.
Melinda Gordon: Did you look into the light?
Carl Sessick: I saw it, but they told me I couldn't go in.
Melinda Gordon: Why not?
Carl Sessick: Because of my shame.
Melinda Gordon: But you apologised. I mean, you tried to make things right. You can come out of the shadows.
Carl Sessick: No, I can't. They're looking for me. They want me to go with them.

"Ghost Whisperer: The Book of Changes (#4.23)" (2009)
Carl the Watcher: Eli, if this stuff was easy, anybody could do it.