Ellen Miller
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Ellen Miller (Character)
from "Lassie" (1954)

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"Lassie: The Calf (#2.34)" (1956)
Jeff Miller: Well, now I don't know if I want it that bad. Sometimes you think you want things awfully bad and...
Ellen Miller: Then you don't know if you really want to pay the price. That's the difficult part about life, Jeff- not knowing how much we want something until we've lost it.

Jeff Miller: Why does everything have to wait until someday? Why can't me have the things we want now?
Porky Brockway: Yeah!
Ellen Miller: Well because the time between wanting and getting is the most important time in our lives. That's what makes people productive. That's what makes them work and gives them hope.

"Lassie: Bone (#3.4)" (1956)
Ellen Miller: Sometimes we have to give up things which are important to us for the good of society.

Ellen Miller: Do you remember when Jim Teal had his farm all upset by the road crew? Well, he didn't like that but he realized that the new cutoff would benefit everybody and, because he's a good citizen, he cooperated.

"Lassie: The Watch (#3.5)" (1956)
Ellen Miller: Being a slave to time can be just as bad as being careless with it.

"Lassie: Pokey (#2.19)" (1956)
Ellen Miller: Porky and Pokey were just made for one another - like ham and eggs. I can't picture him with any other dog.

"Lassie: Goats (#3.14)" (1956)
Ellen Miller: In any group of society- that is people living together- as small as a family or even as large as the nation good friends and good neighbors offer to help in times of need.

"Lassie: The Deer Hunter (#2.31)" (1956)
Ellen Miller: Ever since man became civilized he's banded together for the common good.
George 'Gramps' Miller: I still don't know what you're drivin' at.
Ellen Miller: I'm trying to tell you that you cannot turn your back on your neighbor's troubles because his trouble may very well affect you.

"Lassie: The Well (#1.24)" (1955)
Ellen Miller: The chicken's dead father. you don't have to keep stabbing it

"Lassie: The Gun (#1.4)" (1954)
Ellen Miller: Jeff, I think I'm to blame for this as much as you are- maybe more. I 'm supposed to teach you things, not just tell you what to do. But I... I shut my eyes to this. I ran away because I didn't want you ever to learn about guns. I was wrong. You can't just run away from unpleasant things and you can't shut your eyes to what the world is really like, anymore than you can stop accidents by pretending that you'll never do anything dangerous... or by hiding all the guns in the world You've got to learn to live with these things. I realize that now.