Charles F. Muntz
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Charles F. Muntz (Character)
from Up (2009)

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Up (2009)
Charles Muntz: [on board his Spirit of Adventure airship] Does anyone know WHERE THEY ARE?
[Russell is suddenly dragged across the large window by a garden hose. Muntz stares while his eye twitches]

Charles Muntz: Adventure is out there!

Charles Muntz: You know Carl, these people who come here, they all tell pretty good stories.
[He walks to a row of human skulls on a shelf, each of which is wearing a hat of some kind]
Charles Muntz: A surveyor making a map...
[he knocks over the first skull]
Charles Muntz: A botanist cataloging plants...
[he knocks over the second skull]
Charles Muntz: An old man taking his house to Paradise Falls... and that's the best one yet. I can't wait to hear how it ends.

Charles Muntz: Any last words Fredricksen? Come on, spit it out!
[Carl spits out his dentures]

Charles Muntz: [Muntz notices that Russell is hanging by Carl's garden hose high in the air. He speaks into his intercom] Gray leader? Take down the house.
Russell: [still hanging on the hose] AAAAh!
[he sees three planes drop out of the blimp]
Russell: Oh?
[the planes swoop in. Three dogs are piloting them]
Beta: Gray Leader, checking in.
Gamma: Gray Two, checking in.
Omega: Gray Three, checking in.
Beta: [they approach Carl's house] Target sighted.
[he chomps down on a squeaky bone. The plane fires projectiles]

Newsreel Announcer: [after the National Explorer's Society accuses Muntz of fabricating the "Monster of Paradise Falls" skeleton] The organization strips Muntz of his membership.
[a patch is ripped off Muntz's jacket]
Newsreel Announcer: Humiliated, Muntz vows a return to Paradise Falls and promises to capture the beast alive!
Charles Muntz: [speaking to a large audience outside in the newsreel] I promise to capture the beast alive, and I will not come back until I do!

Alpha: [In squeaky voice] Master, dinner is ready.
Charles Muntz: Oh, yes, broken collar? It's that loose wire again.
[fixes the collar]
Charles Muntz: There you go, big fella.
Alpha: [In deep, intimidating voice] Thank you, Master.
Russell: [Nervously] I liked his other voice better.

[Muntz' Dogs arrive back at his airship, wet after they failed to stop Carl, Russell, and Kevin from getting away]
Charles Muntz: You lost them?
Beta: They were no match, too fast, they outsmarted us.
Gamma: Yeah, Dug helped them get away.
Charles Muntz: Wait a minute, Dug?
[Knowing all his Dog's have a Tracking Device on his Collar, Muntz locates Dug on GPS. The scene changes to show Dug with his Collar flashing, sniffing the air at night, with Carl and Russell taking Kevin back to her babies]
Dug: Oh boy, my Pack isn't following us. Boy are they dumb.