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Quotes for
Ethan Shepherd (Character)
from "Kings" (2009)

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"Kings: Insurrection (#1.5)" (2009)
Ethan Shepherd: God gave us this land, and not even Silas can take it away! Who will stand with me against the king?

David Shepherd: Martyring yourselves won't change anything; no one will even know.
Ethan Shepherd: God will; God will know.

"Kings: Judgment Day (#1.6)" (2009)
Ethan Shepherd: I stood up to the king for what I believe; why would I want to live a life that's saved by a lie? As much as you believe in Silas, I know that he's wrong. I know that he's not the one in God's heart.
David Shepherd: I don't even know if there *is* a God! But I know that *we* can change things - you and I; *we're* the ones here. We're the ones who can save you.
Ethan Shepherd: Can't you see, David? I'm already saved.