Cardinal Strauss
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Cardinal Strauss (Character)
from Angels & Demons (2009)

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Angels & Demons (2009)
Cardinal Strauss: When you write about us, and you will, do so gently.

Cardinal Strauss: Religion is flawed because man is flawed.

Robert Langdon: You will counsel him wisely.
Cardinal Strauss: I am an old man. I will counsel him briefly.

Cardinal Strauss: [emphatically] Man is flawed, always. Even this one.

[last lines]
Cardinal Strauss: Mr. Langdon, thanks be to God for sending someone to protect His church.
Robert Langdon: I don't believe He sent me, father.
Cardinal Strauss: Oh my son, of course He did...

Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: Their faith will not protect them from an explosion.
Cardinal Strauss: We are all bound for heaven eventually, are we not?
Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: Spoken like one who has enjoyed the blessings of a long and full life.

Robert Langdon: [upon learning that the new Pope chose the name of Luke] There's been many Marks and Johns, never a Luke.
Cardinal Strauss: It's said he was a doctor.
Vittoria Vetra: That's quite a message. Science and faith all in one?
Cardinal Strauss: The world is in need of both.