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Quotes for
Julie Grey (Character)
from "Dallas" (1978)

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"Dallas: Spy in the House (#1.3)" (1978)
Cliff Barnes: I've told you before, that after six o'clock, Mr. Spider turns into a prince.
Julie Grey: Too bad I'll never see the transformation.
Cliff Barnes: Yes you can, if you'll have dinner with me.

Julie Grey: I gave the file to Cliff Barnes.
JR Ewing: Why?
Julie Grey: I liked the way he made love. I thought he deserved a reward.
JR Ewing: Do you love him?
Julie Grey: I don't love anybody.

"Dallas: Julie's Return (#2.16)" (1979)
Jock Ewing: I'm looking forward to rompin' around with that grandson of mine.
Julie Grey: You're sure it'll be a grandson?
Jock Ewing: I got J.R.'s word for it.

Julie Grey: I wanted to apologize.
J.R. Ewing: A two-day apology? That sets some sorta record, don't it?

"Dallas: The Red File: Part 1 (#2.17)" (1979)
Julie Grey: [Cliff is eating junk food] Well for a politician you sure take rotten care of your most valuable possession.
Cliff Barnes: What?
Julie Grey: Your mouth.