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Mark Hamill (Character)
from "Muchachada nui" (2007)

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"Just Shoot Me!: The List (#3.8)" (1998)
Mark Hamill: I'm asking you nicely to leave.
Dennis Finch: That's what the cop at the convention said.

Nina Van Horn: Mark Hamill. Remember me?
Dennis Finch: Nina. No, no.
Nina Van Horn: Fox Studios, 1976. I was auditioning for the role of Princess Leia.
Mark Hamill: I'm afraid I don't.
Nina Van Horn: I was the one who fired that prop gun and accidentally shot Mr. Lucas, he was crying "I've been blinded!",
Dennis Finch: Nina...
[pushes Nina away]
Nina Van Horn: If you see that tall man in the dog suit, tell him all is forgiven.

Dennis Finch: [through intercom] It's Dennis.
Mark Hamill: ...and Mark Hamill.
Dennis Finch: Hey, guy, back off. Jack, your Barney tickets came through, but it's the same day as the Prada party. What do you want to do?
Jack Gallo: Barney.
Dennis Finch: Right. I'll run the Prada invitations through the shredder.
[makes shredder noises]
Jack Gallo: Dennis, the shredder's in my office.
Mark Hamill: Copy that, red leader.

Mark Hamill: Are you telling me that machine collates and staples?
Dennis Finch: That's right.
Mark Hamill: We could have used one of those on the Millennium Falcon.