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Quotes for
Jonah (Character)
from Every Day (2010)

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Every Day (2010)
Ethan: Will everybody at the prom be gay?
Jonah: Yeah. That's why they call it the gay and lesbian prom, moron.

Jonah: I'm not interested in being with someone who's older. I... I just wanna dance with other people who are gay.
Ned: I think I'd rather talk about the smell of pee.

Ned: [to son chatting the on the Internet] You're not talking to people you don't know, are you?
Jonah: Uhh, you mean potential pedophiles?
Ned: Mm-hm.
Jonah: Just ones that live around here.

Jeannie: Ned...
Ned: I think he should change, or he can't go.
Jonah: This is what people wear to a dance.
Ned: Why don't you just go in a jock strap?
Jeannie: You're being ridiculous.
Ethan: You can sort of see the outline of your penis in those.

Ned: I don't want you dancing with college kids. Period.
Jonah: What are they gonna do? Rape me?