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Marcus Tate (Character)
from Forever Strong (2008)

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Forever Strong (2008)
Marcus Tate: Nice to meet you, Rick. I'm Marcus Tate, administrator here at Wasatch.
[Offers his hand for Rick to shake, which Rick doesn't take]
Marcus Tate: You can call me King Tate, Sir Marc, Marcus, whatever you like.
Rick Penning: Where's my stuff, Marcus?
Marcus Tate: Oh, I had the bellhop take it to your suite.

[In nine months, Rick has steadfastly remained obstinate, frequently incurring punishments for bad behavior and fighting and subsequently scrubbing toilets for it]
Marcus Tate: We both know that you've done all you can to avoid learning anything while you've been here. The upside is we've got the cleanest bathrooms we've ever had.